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Bugenhagen is an elder of the Cosmo Canyon village and is referred to by Red XIII as grandpa. He is extremely knowledgeable about the majority of subjects and is often good for all kinds of advice.

Cait Sith informs the group that Bugenhagen used to be a very prominent ShinRa employee, but he left the company. Vincent also elaborates by saying that he was good friends with Professor Gast. In fact, all of the equipment that Bugenhagen has in Cosmo Canyon was a gift from Gast.

Disclosing The Truth About The Past

Bugenhagen swore an oath to Seto that he would never tell anyone about his mission inside the Gi Cave against the Gi Tribe. However, when Bugenhagen learns Red XIII's opinions about his father, Bugenhagen decides that he should learn the truth.

In opening up the Gi Cave and allowing Red XIII to venture through to the outside. Red XIII learns that Seto wasn't a coward at all, but he was a very noble warrior who was petrified defending Cosmo Canyon against the Gi. Bugenhagen Solar System

The Solar System

One of Bugenhagen's most prized possessions is his machine that generates a model of the Solar System. He uses it to demonstrate how the flow of life operates around Gaia and the planets beyond.

When the party start collecting Huge Materia, he allows them to hide them inside the Solar System model generator, which proves to be very useful indeed. Bahamut Zero can also be obtained by examining the blue Huge Materia inside the generator.

Visiting The Forgotten Capital

Stumped, the party visit Bugenhagen for advice about Meteor. They head to the Forgotten Capital in search of answers and use the Ancient Key to access a room with a huge machine that was developed by the Ancients.

The machine shows Bugenhagen the moment that Aeris was killed by Sephiroth. He notices though that the White Materia Aeris was summoning was actually glowing green. Bugenhagen realises that this meant Aeris was successful and that Holy was being summoned; information which he relays to the party.

A Parting Gift

After Diamond Weapon has been defeated, Red XIII returns to Cosmo Canyon only to find that he has become ill upon returning from the Forgotten Capital. When Red XIII quizzes Bugenhagen, he informs him that he is dying.

Shortly before Bugenhagen passes away, he gives Red XIII his ultimate weapon - Limited Moon.

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