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Chelsea is a relatively minor member of the eco-terrorist group called AVALANCHE, but she plays a significant - albeit short - role in the Before Crisis story.

She becomes romantically engaged with Rude, which obviously poses a conflict of interest as they're enemies of one another. Despite the fact they feel strongly for each other, Chelsea still has a strong sense of duty to AVALANCHE and bugs Rude's phone while he is in the bathroom. Fortunately, Reno is around and notices her doing so, otherwise the consequences could have been severe for the Turks.

Serious Dilemma - Which Side To Choose?

After luring Rude on a date to watch the tree light up on the 24th of December, Chelsea goes to meet her fellow AVALANCHE members. However, she realises that her feelings for Rude are too strong and that she cannot go forward with the initial plan. Instead, Chelsea decides to betray AVALANCHE, which they aren't overly happy about.

Fortunately a member of the Turks is able to defeat the AVALANCHE members and save Chelsea's life, but this experience has a lasting impression on her. Shortly after she explains to the Turk that she cannot stay with Rude due to where their loyalties lie. However, she hopes that in another life the two of them can meet under different circumstances.

The Turk then informs Rude that Chelsea isn't coming to the date and relays the message that she gave.

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Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII (*)

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