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Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

In Before Crisis, Cissnei is referred to as Shuriken (Female). She refers to her Shuriken as "Rekka", but likes to try and solve problems without resorting to using it.

She is a very warm-hearted and is often seen to be bossing around her compatriats. However, despite her young age, she is very well respected amongst her peers. Perhaps this is because she was recruited to the Turks at a very young age, and she was put through very tough training regimes.

Joining The Group Later On

Along with Katana (Male), Cissnei appears in Episode 18 of Before Crisis. It is claimed that she is on assignment, which is why she joined the game later than others.

She also appears in Special Episode of Reno, where it is disclosed that prior to appearing in Before Crisis, her mission was to keep Zack under surveillance.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: Carrie Savage
Age: N/A

Cissnei's first activity in Crisis Core is to show Zack that she isn't a damsel in distress. As Zack comes to eradicate the monsters roaming Sector 8, he finds that Cissnei appears to be in trouble. However, this isn't the case as she can more than take care of herself. After she dispatches a foe, Reno informs Zack that they have the area under control.

However, shortly after she is fighting against a Genesis Clone and is coming off second best. This time Zack steps in and comes to her assistance, for which she is grateful. She comments that she always wished she had wings, so she could be like an Angel. Cissnei Costa Del Sol

You're On Holiday Too? What A Coincidence

After Zack is given "vacation" in Costa del Sol, Cissnei also receives "vacation" in exactly the same place, at exactly the same time. It is here that Cissnei informs Zack about Lazard's defection from ShinRa and that he is believed to be funding Hollander.

When Zack attempts to call Aerith, he suddenly twigs that he's probably being watched. He enquires, but Cissnei dodges the bullet by telling him that they're watching Aerith, as she is the last Ancient of her kind alive.

I'm Here To Take You In

After the Nibelheim incident, Cissnei is sent to apprehend some escaped test subjects. However, when she finds out that it's Zack and Cloud, she doesn't know what to do. She initially attacks Zack, but after seeing what ShinRa have done to Cloud, she decides to let them go and tells Tseng that the targets have escaped.

Cissnei Gongaga However, when Zack heads to Gongaga to visit his parents, Cissnei is waiting for him. This time, she decides to give him a 10 minute head-start and after that, she won't be forgiving anymore. She also mentions that she has spoken to his parents.

Cissnei also tells Zack a bit about her past. Her real name isn't Cissnei, but she doesn't disclose what it is (this is because in Before Crisis, the character can choose a name for her) and that she was raised by ShinRa. Zack's parents also think she is his future bride.

Too Little, Too Late

Cissnei heads back to Midgar, where Tseng informs the Turks that they need to bring Zack in before the ShinRa army find him. She comments that she still hasn't told Zack her real name, and that she'll try searching point 235. Unfortunately, she never got to see Zack again.

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