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Don Corneo

Don Corneo

Final Fantasy VII

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Don Corneo is an obsese and lonely crime-boss who resides in the Wall Market of Sector 6. He owns a house which has five rooms, all with differing themes (including a tortue chamber) and he often frequents the Honeybee Inn, the local brothel.

Don Corneo was also hired by ShinRa (presumably Heidegger) to collect as much information on AVALANCHE as he can, using his position of influence in the Midgar slums. This is what leads Tifa Lockhart to try and infiltrate his mansion, as she is desperate to gain information based on a lead that she discovered in Sector 7.

I'll Tell You Anything, Just Don't Hurt My Crown Jewels!

After Cloud and Aerith Gainsborough manage to slip past the guards due to some audacious cross-dressing, they meet up with Tifa inside. Don Corneo then gets to pick which one of the three lovely ladies he wants to claim for himself, with the two others being given to his underlings to fulfil their desires.

Don Corneo Cloud If done correctly, Don Corneo picks Cloud Strife, which sparks some hilarious scenes. Ultimately though, the three of them interrogate Don Corneo by threatening to smash his manhood if he doesn't tell them what they want. He discloses ShinRa's plans to destroy the Sector 7 slums, but has the last laugh as he opens a trap door under the feet of his interrogators.

On The Run From ShinRa

ShinRa find out that Don Corneo was the one who divulged the information about their plans for Sector 7, so Don Corneo flees Midgar with his tail between his legs.

He heads for Wutai, with the Turks close behind and seems to be doing ok until his sexual cravings get the better of him. They cause him to kidnap both Yuffie and Elena, which means he has to deal with both the Turks, and Cloud's group.

He runs off to the Da-Chao statue (the highest point in Wutai) and ties both Yuffie Kisaragi and Elena to the statue where he ponders which one he would prefer. Unfortunately for him though, Cloud and Reno manage to defeat him and Don Corneo then presumably falls to his death.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


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Don Corneo Criminal Don Corneo doesn't actually make a physical appearance in Crisis Core, but he is mentioned in passing by a young girl in the Midgar slums. This girl claims that her uncle dresses really nicely, is really good looking, and is very kind to women. She mentions that her uncle is a "Don" and has a house in the Wall Market, which are the key pieces of information used in establishing that Don Corneo is indeed her uncle.

While talking to the girl, Zack Fair thinks to himself that the title "Don" might mean that he heads a criminal organisation. This is effectively confirmed later in the game, as he ends up fighting against Don Corneo's henchmen when he is doing missions in the Midgar slums.

Final Fantasy Tactics


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Don Corneo makes a brief cameo appearance in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Tactics as part of the "Zodiac Brave Story Sound Novels" mini-game. He appears in the Tale of Nanai which is a part of the mini-game.

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