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Dr. Hollander

Dr. Hollander

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII


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Dr. Hollander makes a brief appearance in Before Crisis during the episode entitled "Special Episode of Reno". Although he has nothing more than a cameo appearance, he does appear alongside some Genesis Copies.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


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After a power struggle at ShinRa, Dr Hollander lost his job as the chief scientists to Professor Hojo. Thus Hollander has a very strong grudge against his rival, although they are no better than each other.

Following his shameful dismissal, Hollander went into hiding and started plotting his revenge against ShinRa. It is here that he decides to side with Genesis and in return for Genesis' strength, he promises a cure for his degradation.

Makeshift Hiding Place Exposed

Reports suggest that Angeal has been sighted near Mako Reactor No. 5, which Sephiroth and Zack investigate. Inside, they find a room which Hollander had been using as his base of operations. It is here that Sephiroth speaks of Genesis' initial degradation, as he couldn't understand why Hollander refused his blood.

Hollander arrives in the room and seems rather surprised that he has visitors. Instead of sticking around for too long, he decides to flee. But when Zack catches up, he is rescued by an unlikely source - Angeal.Genesis Confronts Hollander

Not-So-Secret Base In Modeoheim

When Zack arrives at their secret base in Modeoheim, he finds Genesis with his sword at Hollander's throat. Hollander tries to claim that without him nobody can cure his degradation, but Genesis claims he's found another way - Jenova cells - and that Hollander is useless to him.

Zack manages to distract Genesis, allowing Hollander to escape. Cloud Strife temporarily stops him, but Hollander escapes while shouting that Genesis doesn't even know where the Jenova cells are.

Stop, You Don't Know What You're Doing!

Hollander manages to find a safe hiding place, but he can't conceil himself anymore after Angeal challenges Zack. It is here that Hollander explains the details of Project G - Project Gillian. He explains that Gillian Hewley was very proud of her work and that while Genesis was a failure, Angeal was perfect.

Angeal doesn't want to listen to Hollander and calls some of his clones to the scene. Hollander then shouts "Stop, you don't know what you're doing!" as Angeal merges with his clones. Following Angeal's defeat, Zack takes Hollander into custody.

Daring Junon Escape

Hollander is taken to Junon for interrogation, but while he is there, Junon comes under attack. He uses this to his advantage and manages to slip away from his guards.

Zack gives chase, but his efforts are thwarted numerous times by Genesis clones. Hollander heads towards the helipad, which is where Zack eventually catches up with him. Hollander had prepared for this though and unleashes a scorpion robot on Zack. Following this, he jumps off the side of the building and is whisked away by two Genesis clones. Hollander Attacks Lazard

Self-Inflicted Degradation

Hollander is next encountered in Gongaga, where we find out that Hollander is also degrading too. In an effort to convince Genesis that he would indeed find a cure, Hollander injected himself with Genesis' cells to show that he would have an extra incentive.

Hollander then goes to try and capture Cloud, but Lazard manages to stop him until Zack appears. It is here that Hollander's final moments happen, as he engages Zack and is defeated. Lazard and Zack then watch as Hollander's life force disappears from his body.