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Elfe is the leader of the eco-terrorist group known as AVALANCHE, the predecessors to the AVALANCHE seen in Final Fantasy VII. She has a very quiet personality, uses a katana as her weapon of choice and has a special Materia grafted to her hand which grants her shielding abilities.

Elfe is actually the daughter of Verdot - the leader of the Turks - and was originally born Felicia. They lived in Kalm, but one day the town was burnt down and she was separated from her parents.

Becoming The Leader of AVALANCHE

Following the separation from her parents, Elfe somehow made her way to Cosmo Canyon, where she was looked after and raised by AVALANCHE, who were based in Cosmo Canyon at the time. When the leader of AVALANCHE died, Elfe was elected to succeed him.

Elfe, with the assistance of Sears and Fuhito, and coupled with funding and intelligence from Rufus Shinra, then plotted to try and bring down the dominant force in Gaia - ShinRa.

Zirconiade Inside Her

As the Before Crisis story progresses, it is disclosed that Elfe actually has a very mysterious Materia inside her. The Materia is called Zirconiade and was implanted into her by Hojo and is the object of desire for Fuhito.

The Zirconiade also grants Elfe superhuman strength and such is the calibre of her strength, that even Sephiroth could not best her in battle. When the two lock horns, their confrontation ends in a stalemate.

Fuhito's scheming starts to take its toll on Elfe and throughout the story she gets weaker and weaker, allowing Fuhito to tighten his grip over AVALANCHE.

Salvation - Saved By Tseng

Fuhito eventually manages to extract the Zirconiade Materia from Elfe and uses it, causing himself to mutate. Fortunately she is saved by Tseng, who helps to defeat Fuhito.

Following these events, Tseng reports that Elfe was killed, but Elfe actually manages to escape the grasp of ShinRa. She has not yet appeared in a future Final Fantasy VII game, so her fate is unknown.

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