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Elmyra Gainsborough

Elmyra Gainsborough

Final Fantasy VII

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Elmyra Gainsborough is the adopted mother of Aeris Gainsborough. After her husband went off to war (presumably against Wutai), she went to the train station every night, hoping that he would return.

Unfortunately though, that day never came. However, one day when she was at the station, she discovered Ifalna and her daughter Aeris. Ifalna was mortally wounded and asked Elmyra to take care of Aeris. Elmyra accepted, hoping to replace the void that had been left by her husband.

Although Elmyra noticed Aeris' strange powers through the time they spent together, she ignored them so that Aeris wouldn't think she was different to other kids.

Disclosing Aeris' Past

Elmyra is first seen when Cloud is taken back to Aeris' house following their escape from the Turks. Elmyra tells Cloud about how she became Aeris' mother, and what happened to her real mother.

She also tells Cloud to leave Aeris alone, as she doesn't want any trouble. This prompts Cloud to head back to Sector 7 alone. Aeris is aware that her mother asked this though, and goes along with him anyway.

Looking After Marlene

Just before Sector 7 collapses, Aeris makes sure that Marlene Wallace is taken to Elmyra for safe keeping. This ultimately ends up with Aeris being captured though. Elymra is true to her word though and looks after Marlene as best she can. After she is kidnapped by Cait Sith, she is later returned to Elmyra.

While Elymra is looking after Marlene though, she is brought some bad news by Reeve Tuesti. He informs her that Aeris has passed away.

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