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Emerald Weapon

Emerald Weapon

Final Fantasy VII

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Emerald Weapon is one of a group of creatures that were created to protect the planet during times of crisis. Emerald is one of the stronger Weapons released and its job is to guard the oceans of the world. Emerald was not in the Japanese version of the game and was only included when it was released on Western Shores (US/PAL).

Because of this, Emerald can only be seen while using the Submarine, which in some instances can make life very awkward. Emerald generally patrols the area of water between Costa del Sol and Junon, but can sometimes be found in tunnels and caverns nearby.

Watch Your Back

It is worth noting that if the submarine touches Emerald, a boss battle with a 20 minute time limit will be the result. Before using the submarine it is wise to save, just incase Emerald traps you, or you take the plunge and land on top of it.

If Emerald is defeated he drops the Earth Harp, which can be traded in Kalm to the Kalm Traveller in order to obtain a Master Materia.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


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Emerald Weapon's appearance in Crisis Core is marginal and easily missed. Towards the end of the game when Zack Fair is search around underneath Banora Village, a still-frozen Emerald weapon can be seen within the network of tunnels.

Although there is a limit to how close Zack can get to the Weapon, there are distinct features that are shared with Emerald.

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