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Fuhito is a senior member of AVALANCHE as he is essentially the brains behind the whole operation. He is highly knowledgeable in both science and warfare and his idol is none other than Professor Hojo.

Unfortunately, while Fuhito is extremely polite, it is just a front. He feels he is far superior to those who are around him and only seeks to use them in order to achieve his own personal goals. In the case of Before Crisis, this goal is to try and gain the Zirconiade Materia.

Madman, Obsessed With Gaining Power

Fuhito is essentially a madman. He has a warped theory about the Lifestream, and believes it is his role to make every living creature return to the planet - something which involves killing them all.

Fuhito attempts to use the Zirconaide Materia, which is trapped inside Elfe, to achieve his goals, and he eventually obtains the Materia. However, during the time it takes to wear Elfe down, he passes the time by peforming some hideous experiments and forcing Sears to leave.

Fuhito creates the Ravens based on a data disc containing SOLDIER information that was stolen from ShinRa. Essai and Sebastian are two of his test subjects after they are kidnapped and become part of Fuhito's Raven army.

Obtaining The Zirconiade

Upon obtaining the Zirconiade, Fuhito activates it. This causes his body to mutate in ways which even he probably couldn't have predicted. However, due to the immense power of the Materia, and Fuhito's immense knowledge, he loses most of his self-control.

Fuhito, in his mutated form, fights against the Turks, but loses. Following the fight, the Zirconiade is destroyed and Fuhito is also killed.

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