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Gillian Hewley

Gillian Hewley

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: Takayo Fischer
Age: N/A

Gillian Hewley is the mother of Angeal Hewley and the person who Project Gillian is named after. When Hollander was still working for ShinRa, he attempted to create the first Cetra and with Gillian's permission, he infused her with Jenova cells.

The purpose of this action was that when she had children, they would then be "Cetra" and the results of this project were Angeal and Genesis. While Angeal was Gillian's real son, Genesis was created in a slightly different way. Gillian's cells were injected into Genesis while he was a fetus, which caused him to be imperfect.

These experiments were the precursor for Project S, which would see Sephiroth born via Professor Hojo and Lucrecia Crescent.

Genesis Won't Hurt Me

When Zack is ordered to investigate Banora in search of Genesis, he stumbles upon Angeal's house, with Gillian inside. He notices that the Buster Sword is inside the house, which shows that Angeal has been here recently and asks Gillian about the sword. She tells Zack that the sword is a symbol of their family's pride. Zack says that she should try to get to safety, but while the rest of the town had been murdered by Genesis, Gillian claims that he wouldn't dare harm her.

After learning that ShinRa plan to bomb the town, Zack rushes back with the hope of saving Gillian's life. Unfortunately, someone beat him back to the house and Gillian is dead when he arrives.

It is believed that Angeal performed this act, as the Buster Sword was now gone, but Hollander later reveals that Gillian took her own life as she couldn't live any longer. The burden of her actions was simply too great for her to bear.

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