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Ifalna is one of the last remaining Cetra and only appears in flashbacks throughout Final Fantasy VII. After Professor Gast leaves ShinRa and sets up shop in Icicle Inn, he meets Ifalna. Ifalna willing accepts to help Gast's thirst for knowledge and begins explaining important knowledge about the planet's past to him.

However, during this time something unexpected happened and the pair fell in love. They also had a baby girl called Aeris, but shortly after her birth they were brought back to reality as Hojo tracked them down and killed Gast because of his defiance.

Prisoner of ShinRa

With Gast not able to protect Ifalna and Aeris, Hojo takes them prisoner and they're re-located to a ShinRa lab where he can perform his experiments on them. They are held by ShinRa for 7 years, during which time Ifalna had been planning her escape.

Unfortunately her plan doesn't happen how she envisioned and she is mortally wounded during the escape. She managed to make it to the train station in the Midgar slums, but died as she entrusted Aeris to Elmyra Gainsborough.

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