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Irvine Kinneas

Irvine Kinneas

Final Fantasy VIII

Main Protagonist

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Irvine is the last arrival to join the main party, making his entrance much later in the game. He's introduced as the marksman that Squall and his team will be using during the mission to assassinate Sorceress Edea. He joins them just as Headmaster Martine leaves the group in the Galbadia Garden car park, and Irvine showing off his ego points his hand like a gun towards Martine saying "Bang!" as he does so.

It isn't long before he is quick to show off his arrogance as Zell instantly takes a dislike to his rather cocky attitude. After spying Rinoa and Selphie, Irvine attempts to form his own party. When the group makes their way toward Deling City, Irvine tries his luck with Selphie. He tells her they are destined to be together, she sighs at him and he instantly takes advantage of it suggesting it's a sigh of love. Having failed with Selphie, he tries his luck on Rinoa who runs from him and gets him in trouble with Quitis who isn't too keen on his actions. It's at this point we learn that Irvine is quite a loner and he mentions he's under a lot of pressure during the mission.

Underneath The Calm Face

When they are set up in Deling City, Irvine speaks to Squall before the assassination. It seems he's having doubts about whether it's the right thing to do. When he actually goes to take the shot he falters and finds himself totally unable to cope with the situation. To try and allay the pressure, Squall tells him to use the shot as a signal for them to launch the attack. Irvine although still unwittlingly fires the shot, which is perfectly accurate. Unfortunately, Edea intercepts it and Irvine is left to look after Rinoa as the others dive into action.

It seems thats the others were apprehended including Rinoa. However Irvine somehow managed to escape. General Caraway hires Irvine to get his daughter out of prison, but upon rescuing her, she is extremely aggravated he only came for her and after almost scratching him to death, he is forced to help the others. After a somewhat hectic escape, Irvine is dissapointed yet once more as the vehicles are split and all the girls travelling together without him. It's at this point that he informs everyone about the missile attacks being directed at Trabia and Balamb, and when the first wave of missles is seen entering the air he tells them Trabia was the first target.

Growing Closer To Selphie

Heading to the missile base with Selphie, Irvine attempts to prevent the second wave of missiles. However, they are unsuccessful and as the base self destructs they manage to take cover inside a Galbadian Robot which they just defeated. During the explosion though it malfunctions and it goes completely out of control. Fortunately it's defeated at Fisherman's Horizon and they are freed from the robot.

During the repairs to Balamb Garden, Irvine asks Squall to be allowed to borrow some of the technicians to help him fix something, Squall allows it on the basis that it doesn't slow down the major repairs. Later Irvine also comments he's surprised by the large amount of machinery they have brought in, and when Squall makes quite a sarcastic remark, Irvine simply responds by saying it's not his department announcing that Guns and Women are his interests.

Finding Selphie, he arranges to have the concert fixed up for her at Fisherman's Horizon, and together he cheers her up as they organise the event. He also tries his matchmaking prowess on Squall and Rinoa by setting up Squall with a comfortable spot and an old "magazine". After the concert they all head for Trabia to witness the damage caused by the initial missiles.

An Unexpected Surprise

It is at Trabia that things take an interesting turn. Irvine recalls having known everyone before, especially Selphie, who he was mad about when he was young. As it turns out, they all went to the same Orphanage and Edea was their Matron. It's also Irvine that comes up with the theory that the GF's are making them forget their past, as he has used them the least. He also seems upset that he was the only one who could actually remember initially.

However, for the rest of the game, Irvine's role is very minimal. He does make an appearance at the end though, and Selphie is wearing his cowboy hat, suggesting they are finally together.

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