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When Ester takes Cloud and his group up into the Chocobo Racing part of the Gold Saucer, while they are in the back-stage section, they are introduced to a chocobo jockey called Joe.

Ester explains that Joe is the best chocobo racer ever to have lived and that nobody has ever been able to beat Joe. However, once Cloud obtains a high enough rank in the Chocobo Racing circuit, he will be able to ride against Joe.

Joe rides a black chocobo called Teioh and his chocobo's stats are usually much higher than your own. However, he can be defeated and the rewards are great for doing so.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


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Joe doesn't actually appear in Crisis Core, but he is mentioned by a civilian in the Midgar. While Zack Fair is walking around Sector 8 a woman comments about a famous jockey who cannot be defeated.

Although Joe isn't mentioned by name in this dialogue, she does mention that the jockey rides on a very distinctive black chocobo.

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