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Jyscal Guado

Jyscal Guado

Final Fantasy X

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Prior to the events of Final Fantasy X, Jyscal Guado was known as Maester Jyscal Guado and he was the leader of the Guado people. He was a pioneer in bringing together the Guado citizens and Yevonites, as he married a human woman.

However, his son Seymour was not accepted by the Guado and Jyscal was forced to banish both his wife and Seymour to the temple of Baaj, where they remained until Seymour was old enough to return on his own.

Killed By My Own Son

Jyscal was not a fool, and after his son returned he anticipated what would happen next. It was for this reason that he made a Sphere depicting how he predicted events would unfold, a prediction which came true.

Seymour murdered his father and resumed his position as both leader of the Guado and a Maester of Yevon. However, while Jyscal's soul was sent to the farplane, he managed to make it return so that he could give the Sphere he had made to Yuna. This showed that he had died an unclean death.

Final Fantasy X-2


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Despite being sent to the Farplane twice, Jyscal Guado somehow finds himself trapped inside Via Infinito. This causes his soul to transform and he becomes a fiend which Yuna must fight.

This is the only appearance Jyscal makes in the game, as he doesn't appear in human form.

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