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Lazard Deusericus

Lazard Deusericus

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

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Voice Actor: Stefan Marks
Age: N/A

Lazard is a quiet and reserved man who is the SOLDIER Director. Although President ShinRa doesn't realise it, Lazard is actually his son and due to the way his mother was treated, Lazard has a great hatred for President ShinRa.

It was for this reason that Lazard joined ShinRa, so that he could achieve a high position and find some way to exact revenge upon his unknowing father.

Unattainable Dreams Are The Best Kind

Lazard's first appearance in Crisis Core comes shortly after Genesis has gone missing. He briefs Zack and Angeal on the situation in Wutai and asks them to go and investigate. Lazard also informs Zack that he will be joining them, perhaps to assess his performance.

When asking Zack what his dream is, Zack proclaims that he wants to be a hero. Lazard responds by saying "Unattainable dreams are the best kind", which perplexes Zack. Lazard Briefs Zack

We Can't Trust Genesis' Parents

At the conclusion of the mission in Wutai, Angeal goes missing. Lazard has no luck in being able to track him down, but requests that Zack go to Banora to try and find out information about Genesis. Lazard states that they have quizzed Genesis' parents, but they stated that he hasn't been there, a statement that cannot be trusted.

Lazard requests that Zack is accompanied by Tseng on this mission, as it may need some detective work as well.

Angeal And Genesis Are To Be Assassinated

When Zack returns from Banora, Lazard has a surprise for him - he has been promoted to SOLDIER 1st Class. Zack isn't overly happy, but Lazard understands as a lot has happened.

However, he has more bad news for Zack as he informs him that Angeal and Genesis as to be assassinated. There is respite for Zack though, as Lazard claims that the Army has been recruited to undertake the task as SOLDIER isn't trusted enough to do it.

As the pair try to discuss this news further, the ShinRa building is attacked and alarms go off. Lazard orders Zack to protect the entrance of the ShinRa building.

Disappearance And Rumours

Lazard goes missing shortly after and Angeal discloses that he is supposed to meet with him soon. While Zack is on holiday in Costa del Sol, Cissnei also claims that Lazard is the one who has been funding Hollander's research.

It is also announced that Lazard has been seen in Nibelheim, which is one of the reasons that Zack and Sephiroth investigate the area. Hollander Attacks Lazard

Angeal? No, An Angeal Clone

As Zack is attempting to visit his parents in Gongaga, he sees Angeal in the sky. He quickly rushes off to investigate, but leaves Cloud unprotected allowing Hollander to try and capture him. However, "Angeal" manages to briefly stop Hollander, allowing Zack to defeat him.

Afterwards, it is disclosed that it is actually Lazard, who is now an Angeal clone. He reveals that he helped Hollander escape from Junon with the hopes of enacting revenge on his father. He didn't realise that being injected with Angeal's cells would turn him into a clone and because of this unexpected result; he decided to dedicate himself to helping Zack and saving the world.

Banora - The Final Moments

Zack, Lazard and Cloud head to Banora, where they hope to stop Genesis. Lazard is given the task of protecting Cloud, one which he duly acccepts. However, when Zack returns after defeating Genesis he learns that ShinRa came to try and take Cloud away. Fortunately he was able to fight them off with the help of an Angeal Copy.

Shortly after, Lazard breathes his last breath and passes away.

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