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Legendary Turk

Legendary Turk

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

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Legendary Turk is also referred to as Legend (Male) in Before Crisis and originally hails from Junon. Such was his prowess in combat, that he was once referred to as the God of Death, hence why he earned the nickname of Legendary Turk.

Due to his fame, he attracts a large amount of attention but this doesn't detract him from doing his job properly as he manages to keep his personal life extremely private.

Chain Bombs - Becoming Playable

Legend becomes a playable character upon completing Episode 24 and also has his own special episode. His weapon is quite specialist and rather unorthodox as he uses a mixture of Chain Bombs and Remote Controlled Bombs. This makes him an extremely lethal opponent, quite literally.

Primary Roles In

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII (*)

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