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Voice Actor: Fred Tatasciore
Age: N/A

Loz is one of the Silver Haired Men and he is effectively the muscles of the operation as he represents Sephiroth's strength and speed attributes. He also doesn't appear to be much of a thinker, which makes him fit into the muscle-bound stereotype rather effectively.

After Kadaj informs Yazoo that Cloud probably won't be pleased to see them, he seems very upset. Loz tells him not to be sad, but when he himself finds out that "mother" might not be with Cloud, he starts to cry.

Skirmish In The Church

After an unsuccessful "meeting" with Cloud, Loz goes looking for him at Aerith's Church. While he doesn't find who he is looking for, he finds Tifa and Marlene instead. Although Tifa tries to avoid any confrontation, Loz goads her and the two engage.

Tifa manages to win the first round, but after Loz receives a phone call he quickly cuts to the chase and knocks Tifa out within seconds. Just as he is about to finish her off, Marlene intervenes and she is then kidnapped by Loz.

Trying To Obtain Jenova's Cells

While Kadaj is off confronting Rufus, Loz and Yazoo try to move the monument ShinRa built in Edge. They are under the impression that because ShinRa built the monument, it must have something of value underneath - something which they believe to be the Jenova Cells.

They are confronted by Rude and Reno who mock their efforts and initiate a fight with them. Loz takes on Rude and overpowers him several times, but Rude doesn't get deterred and after Loz leaves to try and catch up with Kadaj, Rude hatches a plan.


In order to thwart Loz, Rude and Reno make an ambush at the end of the tunnel. As Loz passes the exit, their bomb explodes and he is caught up in a huge explosion - which is presumed to have killed him.

It takes more than that to defeat Loz though and after Cloud defeats Kadaj, Loz fuses himself with some Materia in order to turn himself into a bomb. He plans to kill himself, Yazoo and Cloud so they can all return to the planet together. His plan almost works, but Cloud survives with the help of some friends.

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