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Final Fantasy XII

Minor Character

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In Final Fantasy XII, Montblanc runs the Clan Centurio. In terms of Moogles in Final Fantasy XII, he is the oldest of his five other siblings, which include Hurdy, Gurdy, Horne, Sorbet and Nono. Vaan is introduced to Montblanc's clan early on in Final Fantasy XII and Montblanc can be found in the Clan's headquarters where he explains the reasoning for how the clan started.

Clan Centurio was originally founded because they wanted to find the strongest warrior alive. The purpose for this was so that they could fight a monster by the name of Yiazmat, who long ago took the life of the master that his siblings and himself were taught by.

Montblanc can also be unlocked as a sprite in the Sky Pirate's Den known as "The Unrelenting" and is obtained by getting a monster chain above 50.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Main Protagonist

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Montblanc appears very early on in the story of Final Fantasy Tactics when he happens to bump into Marche, who is transported to the dream Ivalice by the Gran Grimoire. Montblanc arrives just in time to help Marche out of a spot of bother with some Bangaa. He manages to explains that Marche is from the country and doesn't know the ways of the town. After listening to Marche's story he introduces Marche to his clan - Clan Nutsy.

Later on, Montblanc announces to Marche that he has heard of a theory regarding the crystals and their magical properties. However, he doesn't actually believe in it until much later in the game when he witnesses it with his own eyes.

Montblanc has a mission dedicated to him later in the game, whereby Mogumi tricks him into heading to the Materiwood to explain her feelings for him. However, it turns out to be a trap from a Mog Knight called Reaker from Clan Rose. When Ivalice turns back into St. Ivalice, Montblanc says his farewells to Marche. Marche hugs Montblanc and leaves him with the knowledge that he wouldn't have been able to return if it wasn't for him.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Main Protagonist

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Montblanc also appears in Grimoire of the Rift. He is first seen at Fluorgis where he meets Luso Clemens and helps him out when he fails to steal a medallion from a Bangaa. Montblanc informs them that they simply dropped it.

Montblanc can later be recruited by obtaining three items: the Gigas Pendant, Earrings of the Dead and the Pin of Order. It turns out Montblanc was looking for these items as he used to have a pendant like the Gigas Pendant and it was his most prized accessory until he lost it. At which point he decided to replace the look alike accessory with the proper thing. Montblanc then joins Luso's clan.

Montblanc is later targeted in a mission where he is tricked into meeting a Viera by the name of Fras under false pretenses. She attempts to kill Montblanc in penance for being defeated at a clan tournament a while ago. During a side story - Chapter 4: Hurdy Heads for the Hills, Montblanc asks Hurdy to bring back a vintage Wine called Prudence for him.

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