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Nero The Sable

Nero The Sable

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII


Voice Actor: Mike Rock
Age: N/A

Between the events of Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus, Nero has now become known as Nero the Sable and he is second in command of the elite group of DeepGround soldiers called the Tsviets. His name means "Black" in Italian and he wears all black to suit this.

Nero is first encountered in Dirge of Cerberus by Cait Sith of all things. During Cait Sith's mission to infiltrate the Mako Reactor and investigate what exactly DeepGround were doing, he is caught and engulfed in Darkness by Nero.

I Needed Some Souls

While everyone else is involved with the battle between DeepGround and the WRO, Nero manages to somehow infiltrate the WRO's flagship aircraft - the Shera. While on board, he sabotages the engines, but is confronted by Shelke.

The pair exchange words, as Nero merely explains that he came aboard to collect some souls as he was a few short. Shelke manages to gain the confidence to fight Nero, but she is no match for him and he engulfs her into the Darkness as well. Vincent Escapes Darkness

I Can't Afford To Let You Live

After seeing Vincent defeat Azul, Nero decides that Vincent is no longer just a nuisance and that he must be dealt with. The two square off inside Mako Reactor 0, but it is Vincent who wins the duel.

As a last resort, Nero tries to absorb Vincent into the Darkness, but just as he is walking off, Vincent returns - with Shelke. Nero doesn't seem overly surprised, as he deems that Chaos is "Terra Corrupt" and he vanishes as Yuffie appears on the scene.

Multiple Forms Of Darkness

As Vincent and Yuffie enter Weiss' chamber and attempt to attack Weiss, Nero is furious and engulfs them into the Darkness. However, when he himself returns to the normal realm he see them both completely unharmed!

In a desperate attempt to gain the upper hand, he transports Vincent to a strange realm in the hopes of defeating him second time around. He has changed his form though and appears as ArachNero - a spider like variant of himself.

Following the battle, ArachNero falls into a Lava pit forcing Nero to change into GorgoNero, but he still cannot seem to defeat Vincent even with his enhanced powers. Weiss Kills Nero

Betrayed - Played Like A Fool

Before the events of Dirge of Cerberus Hojo manages to take control of Weiss, but Nero isn't aware of this. When Weiss (under the control of Hojo) starts talking to him about Omega, Nero does everything he can to make sure his brothers commands are carried out.

Following his recent fight with Vincent, Nero was exhausted and managed to drag himself back to Weiss' chamber. He is overjoyed to see that is brother has been reborn, but when he rushes over to be with him, Hojo viciously attacks him by plunging his hand deep into Nero and discarding him.

We'll Be Together As One Brother

Realising that his body is dying, Nero manages to extract his soul causing him to manifest in a spectral form. Nero doesn't wish to be parted from his beloved brother, but Hojo tells him to go away or he'll pollute Omega.

Nero ignores Hojo's request and enables Weiss to regain partial control of his body from Hojo. Weiss then consciously decides to fuse with Nero which ultimately defeats Hojo and allows Omega to form.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Nero appears at the end of Crisis Core after Genesis has been defeated; Nero arrives with his brother Weiss and drags Genesis' body away. Unlike in Dirge of Cerberus, Nero looks like a normal human as his arms are unbound and he isn't surrounded in Darkness.

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Dirge of Cerberus -Lost Episode- Final Fantasy VII

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