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Professor Gast

Professor Gast

Final Fantasy VII

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Professor Gast (also known as Gast Faremis) was a brilliant ShinRa scientist who originally came to the conclusion that Jenova must be an Ancient, thus he was one of the scientists who helped to create the Jenova Project.

Gast, along with Hojo, was behind the decision to inject Jenova cells into the unborn child of Lucrecia Crescent; an experiment which saw the birth of Sephiroth. However, because Gast has no interest in gaining wisdom for power, he regrets his decision and decides to leave both the Jenova Project and ShinRa.

Research For Personal Gain

Gast decides that he wishes to continue his research on the Cetra in his own time, using his own lab. He moves to the Icicle Inn where he ironically meets one of the last remaining legitimate Cetra: Ifalna.

Ifalna allows Gast to use her to further his research and during the project something unexpected happens; the pair fall in love. They continue to live happily in Icicle Inn for many years and even have a child, who they called Aeris.

The Demise Of Gast

After hearing that Gast has the last remaining Cetra, Hojo does everything in his power to track down the evasive rogue scientist. Gast does everything he can to hide his tracks, but Hojo eventually catches up with him.

Hojo then proceeds to killed Gast while he is trying to protect Ifalna and Aeris, but his sacrifice is ultimately futile as Hojo makes them prisoners of ShinRa for his experiments.

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