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Shortly after Cloud falls through the roof of Aeris' Church, Reno arrives to claim Aeris for ShinRa's experiments. He has a brief talk with Cloud mainly about him wearing SOLDIER uniform, but ultimately Cloud and Aeris manage to escape his grasp.

Reno has the last laugh though, as he leads the assault on the Sector 7 plate. While he is distracting Cloud and the others, Tseng manages to kidnap Aeris. Although Reno is defeated after a fight with them, he still managed to complete his mission and the Sector 7 plate collapses.

Can't You See We're On Vacation?

The Turks decide to take their holiday in Wutai, but they still can't manage to escape the grasp of ShinRa. Don Corneo happens to be on the run in Wutai at the same time, but when ShinRa soldiers ask for assistance, Reno informs them that they're on vacation and it's not their problem.

Unfortunately, Elena doesn't agree and ends up getting captured by Don Corneo. Reno decides that it might be best to team up with Cloud's group while they attempt to get Elena back, which achieves good results. Rude manages to knock Don Corneo off the side of the mountain and Reno, after some quick talking, steps on his hands causing Don Corneo to fall to his death. Reno The Turks

Mission? What Mission?

Reno's final encounter with Cloud and his group occurs in the tunnels below Midgar. Reno doesn't seem overly bothered about stopping them though, which upsets Elena.

Reno informs her that ShinRa's finished and their orders aren't important anymore. He then leaves wishing everyone the best in their endevours.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Supporting Cast

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While Tseng and Elena were given the responsibility of retrieving Jenova's head, Reno's job was extraction. He is heard telling them to hurry up and after gunshots are heard, he leaves Elena and Tseng in the crater, but leaves with what he was supposed to extract.

Although Reno likes to act un-dedicated most of the time, when he has an actual job to do he takes it very seriously. Leaving Elena and Tseng behind was just part of the job and he had to accomplish his task, no matter what the cost.

We Need To Talk

Reno somehow obtains Tifa's phone number and gives her a call. He asks her to pass a message on to Cloud - stating that they have some work for him. Reno calls her a second time to reinforce this message, but sounds a bit distressed the second time.

When Cloud arrives at the meeting place, Reno is unusually slow and gets locked outside by Cloud. Even though there is a door between him and Cloud, Reno still manages to undo all the work Rufus had done by making a comment about revitalising ShinRa. This leads to groaning from both Rufus and Rude and ultimately causes a breakdown in communications. Reno Rude Edge Fight

Am I Having Fun? You Bet!

When the Silver Haired Men arrive in Edge, Reno and Rude engage with Yazoo. Despite their fighting skills, Yazoo is a good match for them, with nobody really gaining any ground until Kadaj summons Bahamut SIN, causing Reno to flee the scene!

When they've got to safety, Yazoo asks if Reno is having fun - Reno replies by saying he's having the "Time of my life". Which is very apparent when he decides to offend Jenova - something which Loz and Yazoo don't seem overly amused about.

You Can Count On Us

Following the conclusion of that encounter, Reno regroups and manages to acquire a helicopter. Their main aim now is to try and stop Yazoo and Loz from catching up with Cloud.

They plant a bomb which engulfs Loz and Yazoo when they pass by where it was laid. Even though it only serves to slow them down, they give Cloud enough time to finish off Kadaj.

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII


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Reno Before Crisis Reno makes a brief appearance in Before Crisis as an unplayable character and he has earned a reputation for being exceedingly quick in combat. When coupled with his nightstick's taser effect, this makes his attacks very difficult to evade and deflect.

He has a very relaxed attitude to his job, but he will always pull through in the end. Many find this difficult to understand, but Rude seems to have forged a good partnership with Reno.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


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Reno is initially seen in Crisis Core when Sector 8 is under attack. Zack tries to aid Cissnei, but Reno appears and tells him that the Turks have this sector under control and they don't need any help.

He isn't seen again until the end, when he is searching for Zack in a helicopter. Reno announces that they don't have much time left and that they have to hurry. Unfortunately they don't find him in time though.