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Final Fantasy VII


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Age: 27

Sephiroth appears in Final Fantasy VII as the main antagonist to Cloud and his party and he is believed to have been killed four years prior to the start of the game. This notion is quashed though, when President Shinra is found murdered inside his office at the ShinRa tower, with Sephiroth's Masamune sticking out of his back. However, this isn't actually Sephiroth, it is merely Jenova being controlled by Sephiroth.

Following this act, Sephiroth also kills the Midgar Zolom outside the Mythril Mine in order to give Cloud and his party clues about his whereabouts. This causes them to head to Junon and board the ship to Costa del Sol.

Once aboard the boat, Sephiroth kills all of the crew, before announcing that he plans to head towards Mount Corel, before unleashing JENOVA Birth on his foes. Sephiroth Burns Down Nibelheim

A Return To Nibelheim

Sephiroth returns to Nibelheim, the town that he had destroyed four years ago, and heads down into the underground library of the ShinRa mansion. It was here that he originally researched the origins of his mother (Jenova) and how he was actually conceived. It was these findings that caused him to burn Nibelheim to the ground, kill all of its residents - including Tifa's father - and steal Jenova's head from the Mt. Nibel Mako Reactor.

When Cloud approaches Sephiroth in the library, Sephiroth talks of the Reunion and invites Cloud to head towards Mt. Nibel to investigate the reactor. After their brief talk, Sephiroth throws a Destruct Materia at Cloud causing him to reel in pain, allowing Sephiroth to leave casually.

Obtaining The Black Materia

Sephiroth next heads to the Temple of the Ancients, where he hopes to learn the secret of the Black Materia. However, when he is inside the temple at the central chamber, he is confronted by Tseng of the Turks. Tseng is badly injured following his confrontation with Sephiroth and manages to make his way outside.

When Cait Sith obtains the Black Materia for Cloud, Sephiroth then swoops in and Cloud starts to lose his mind. Sephiroth forces Cloud to give him the Black Materia and once Cloud has done so, Sephiroth leaves a distraught Cloud behind. Sephiroth Kills Aeris

Aeris Must Be Stopped

Following Cloud's episode he falls unconscious, causing him to have a dream about Aeris. Sephiroth uses this as a further opportunity to influence Cloud as he tells Cloud that Aeris must be stopped.

When Cloud catches up with Aeris at the City of the Ancients, he almost does Sephiroth's bidding again, but manages to break free of his mind control. However, it is of no consequence as Sephiroth murders Aeris before his very eyes. Following her death, Sephiroth sets another form of Jenova (JENOVA Life) on Cloud and his party before leaving quickly.

Reunion At The Northern Crater

During another of Cloud's dreams, Sephiroth again mentions to Cloud about the Reunion which he is invited to. This time though, Sephiroth discloses that the Reunion will be taking place at the Northern Crater.

Sephiroth Confuses Cloud Northern Crater When Cloud arrives at the outskirts of the Northern Crater after climbing the Gaea Cliffs, Sephiroth greets them by forcing them to fight against Jenova (JENOVA Death) again. Sephiroth also purposely leaves the Black Materia behind, so that Cloud finds it after defeating Jenova.

Sephiroth continues to torment Cloud by giving him visions of what really happened in Nibelheim five years ago. He also informs Cloud that he is a puppet created by Professor Hojo. Following this act, Sephiroth creates an illusion of himself as Tifa and approaches the party member with the Black Materia, informing them that they must take the Black Materia to the centre of the crater.

As Cloud arrives with the Black Materia, the real Sephiroth is seen for the first time - encased in a protective barrier. When he forces Cloud to once again give him the Black Materia, it becomes very obvious why, as the Weapons activate once Sephiroth starts to summon Meteor.

The Beginning Of The End

Sephiroth begins to encounter problems while inside the Great Northern Crater as Rufus Shinra orders the Sister Ray to be fired in its direction. The blast destroys the protective force field that he had generated, allowing Cloud to enter the Crater.

Sephiroth Final Boss Realising that a confrontation is looming, Sephiroth goes deep into the crater and leaves another version of Jenova (JENOVA Synthesis) in an attempt to deal with Cloud. This proves unsuccessful though, so Sephiroth feels he has to try and resolve this on his own.

Sephiroth transforms into Bizzaro Sephiroth, hoping this will be enough to destroy these annoying pests. He is defeated though and transforms into Safer Sephiroth, hoping his devastating moves (Shadow Flare and Super Nova) will defeat Cloud and his party. Once again though, they defeat him and although he manages to pull Cloud into the Lifestream, he is left powerless against his resurgent adversary.

Sephiroth's demise at the hand of Cloud's Omnislash allows Holy's potential to be unlocked and Meteor fails to destroy the planet.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children


Voice Actor: George Newburn

Although Sephiroth was killed at the end of Final Fantasy VII, in Advent Children the Silver Haired Men (Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo) hope to revive Sephiroth and bring him back into the world by obtaining Jenova's cells.

Near the end of the film, Kadaj attempts to absorb the Jenova cells that he has acquired into himself as a last ditch attempt to survive his encounter with Cloud. This causes Sephiroth to manifest himself through Kadaj, much to the surprise of Cloud.

The Root Of Geostigma Disclosed

With Sephiroth now back, he reveals that the Geostigma was caused by him. He has been using it as a way to manipulate the Lifestream and ultimately corrupt it. Anyone with Geostigma that dies will return to the Lifestream, but he will be able to control the energy that they pass on.

Sephiroth's goal in doing this is so that he can control the planet and use it as a vessel so that he can traverse space, so that he can visit other planets in the universe and make them view him as their God. Cloud Clashes With Sephiroth

Two Great Adversaries Reunited

Although Sephiroth has been dormant all this time, he appears to be even stronger than before. Unfortunately for Sephiroth though, so is Cloud, as he has now cleared his mind completely of all the emotional trauma that has burdened his mind.

The two duel above Midgar, with Sephiroth even slicing through buildings. The conflict mimics events seen during Final Fantasy VII though, with Sephiroth piercing Cloud with his Masamune, only for Cloud to draw strength from this. This strength sees Cloud unleash a new form of Omnislash on Sephiroth, who upon being defeated, returns back to the form of Kadaj.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: 20

Set years before the events of Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth first appears in Crisis Core when he comes to Zack's assistance in Wutai. He had been investigating the disappearance of another 1st Class SOLDIER called Genesis, but when seeing that Zack was in trouble against Ifrit, he dispatches the foe with a single stroke.

Following the battle, Sephiroth realises that it isn't just Genesis who has disappeared, but that Angeal has also followed suit and followed Genesis. This instantly makes him think that they have both betrayed the Shinra company. Sephiroth Zack Mako Reactor 5

I Don't Wish To Fight My Friends

Director Lazard originally sends Sephiroth on a mission to Banora, to investigate, but fearing that he may have to fight his two close friends Angeal and Genesis, he asks that Zack be sent instead. However, it isn't long until Sephiroth is requested to investigate their activities again.

After Zack has completed his mission, the pair are summoned by Lazard for a new mission. However, during the briefing the ShinRa building is attacked by Genesis clones, which Sephiroth deduces were probably made by Professor Hollander, the former head of science at ShinRa.

After clearing the Shinra building of Genesis copies, Sephiroth calls Zack to tell him that Angeal has been spotted near Mako Reactor 5, which would be their next port of call after making sure Sector 8 was safe. Sephiroth Genesis Angeal

Old Comrades In Arms

As soon as Sephiroth and Zack enter the Mako Reactor, they're engaged by an Angeal copy - proving that Angeal is assisting Genesis. Sephiroth then tells Zack about how the three of them had always been best of friends, but reflects on the day when things changed. The three of them were involved in a heated fight because Genesis was jealous that Sephiroth was always the hero.

The fight was instigated and escalated by Genesis, with Sephiroth largely on the defensive. However, it ended when Angeal intervened and his sword shattered. This inflicted an injury on Genesis, which at the time appeared to only be minor. Sephiroth also reflected on how Angeal changed after the incident, he started preaching about heart, dreams and hope.

Why Was My Blood Refused?

After making their way to Hollander's new research chamber, they discover that Hollander was involved in an experiment on a baby that was deemed a failure. It was then that Sephiroth tells Zack about how Genesis' injury didn't heal and that he was being treated by Hollander.

When Hollander said that Genesis needed blood, Sephiroth offered but was declined. He then discovers that it was because Genesis was the failed experiment, he was Project G, and that this was causing his deterioration.

Hollander and Genesis then interrupt their investigating and while Hollander runs, Sephiroth stays to try and talk with Genesis. This proves unsuccessful though and Genesis launches an attack on the ShinRa building. Sephiroth Cloud Nibelheim

We've Been Asked To Go To Nibelheim

Following reports of rogue monsters appearing in Nibelheim, Sephiroth and Zack are sent to investigate the Mt. Nibel Mako Reactor. The Soldiers that were originally sent were also investigating the disappearance of Director Lazard, but nothing has been heard from them since.

Upon arriving at Nibelheim, Sephiroth asks Cloud what it's like to be back home. Before he can answer though, Zack asks Sephiroth about his parents. Sephiroth replies by saying that his mother is called Jenova, but he can't bring himself to say who his father is. Later that night, Sephiroth stares out of the Inn window, wondering why he feels like he has been here before.

How The Truth Was Disclosed

When Sephiroth and Zack finally venture towards the Reactor, they find pods inside containing monsters. Sephiroth explains that these monsters had been created due to high levels of exposure to Mako energy. Upon telling Zack this, Sephiroth realises that he himself was created this way.

It is at this point that Genesis appears. He seems to take great pleasure in telling Sephiroth that he was born out of the Jenova Project, he is Project S. Genesis also tells Sephiroth that he needs his cells in an attempt to stop his degradation. Cloud Defeats Sephiroth

The Truth - Confirmed

After leaving the Mako Reactor, Sephiroth heads for the library of the ShinRa mansion in Nibelheim. He intends to see if Genesis is telling the truth and spends seven days researching about himself.

When he learns that Genesis was telling the truth, he loses his mind and destroys Nibelheim in a fit of rage. He then makes his way to the Mako Reactor to reunite himself with Jenova.

Sephiroth fights with Zack inside the Mako Reactor, but is victorious. However, he is caught off guard by Cloud Strife and is stabbed through the chest using the Buster Sword. Sephiroth isn't so lacklustre the second time around, but even though he return's Cloud's gesture in kind, Cloud manages to summon enough strength to throw Sephiroth into the depths of the Mako Reactor.

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII


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Age: N/A

During the time of Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth is still a very loyal SOLDIER 1st Class at the disposal of ShinRa. Many would consider him to be President Shinra's most highly valued possession, as he is usually called in to deal with difficult situations, when nobody else would be trusted.

His appearances in Before Crisis revolved around such tasks. He is instrumental in repelling AVALANCHE as they invade Junon towards the beginning of the game, but many feel that President Shinra relies on Sephiroth too much.

Sephiroth also fights against the AVALANCHE leader, Elfe, at one point during Before Crisis, but even with his immense skill he cannot beat her, and their duel ends in a stalemate.

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII


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Age: N/A

Although Sephiroth himself doesn't appear during Dirge of Cerberus, his conception is discussed during Lucrecia Crescent's flashbacks. We learn that Professor Hojo came up with a plan to insert Jenova cells into a baby while it was in the womb and that Lucrecia is to be the carrier of the baby.

After impregnating Lucrecia, Hojo injected the fetus with Jenova cells and thus Sephiroth was born via natural methods. During the pregnancy though, Lucrecia saw visions of the horrors that Sephiroth would commit during his life.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy


Voice Actor: George Newburn

Sephiroth was one of the first characters to be announced for the roster of Final Fantasy Dissidia, in what many would consider a rather un-surprising move. However, as yet, he has no counter-part from Final Fantasy VII announced.

He has been seen in numerous magazines and trailers - most recently fighting against Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII.

Sephiroth was also announced to be a playable character (he was previously only seen in cutscenes) at Square Enix's DKΣ3713 2008 Private Party.