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Shelke Rui

Shelke Rui

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII


Voice Actor: Kari Wahlgren
Age: 19

Although she was born Shelke Rui, after being abducted at the age of 9, she is now referred to as Shelke the Transparent. Due to the experiments that were performed on her, her body didn't ever develop so while she is 19 years old, her body is still that of a 9 year old.

Shelke is a member of an elite group of operatives from DeepGround called the Tsviets and her name means "Orange" in Urdu. Although her uniform isn't orange, her weapons of choice are bright orange.

Give Us The Protomateria

Upon being ordered by Weiss to find the Protomateria, Shelke uses her Synaptic Net Dive ability to search through Lucrecia Crescent's files. It is here that she discovers that Vincent Valentine has the Protomateria housed inside him.

During the DeepGround invasion of Kalm, Shelke accompanies Azul to hunt down Vincent and obtain the Protomateria. However, when they eventually catch up with Vincent, Shelke's power runs out and she faints, causing Azul to withdraw back to DeepGround with her. Shelke Threatens Shalua

Undercover Operative

While Azul takes a more direct approach, Shelke infiltrates the WRO Headquarters using her cloaking abilities. She manages to locate Vincent without attracting his attention, but Shalua notices her and points a gun at her.

The two have a brief exchange where Shelke reveals the suffering she went through and how she had clung on to a foolish hope that one day someone might rescue her, but nobody ever came.

Reeve arrives and informs Shelke that Shalua has been searching for her ever since and has also suffered a great deal. Shelke isn't interested in listening and attacks, but Vincent renders her unconscious.

Marked For Termination

As DeepGround attack the complex a second time, Azul manages to escape. He brushes Shalua and Vincent aside and then tries to attack Shelke, but she uses her Materia to paralyze him. Azul reveals that Shelke has outlived her usefulness and that Weiss has ordered her termination.

As they're escaping they reach a closing door. Shalua uses her robotic arm to hold the door open and throw Shelke through the gap, but she cannot get through herself. After it is clear that Azul has attacked Shalua, Shelke questions her motives for doing so. Shelke Synaptic Net Dive

Becoming Part Of The Team

Once on-board the Shera, Shelke uses her Synaptic Net Dive abilities to explain the situation to everyone on board. It is here that they learn of DeepGround's plans for Omega and the threat that it poses.

Before Vincent sets off on his mission to stop DeepGround, Shelke hands him a phone and tells him to contact her if he needs guidance. She is adamant that she is only doing this for her own personal benefit, but when Vincent says he's counting on her, she seems confused, as nobody has ever counted on her before.

Encounter With An Old Friend

After Cid reports that the engines have gone crazy, Shelke offers to go and check. When she arrives, she sees black energy all over the room and Nero appears behind her.

After she realises what he's done to the crew, Shelke draws her weapons and exclaims that she isn't going to let down anyone who's count on her. Unfortunately she is too weak and Nero absorbs her into the Darkness.

Memories Of The Past

Shelke uses her magic to form a shield around herself as protection from the Darkness. Just as she is contemplating giving up hope, she starts to have flashbacks from Lucrecia's past. These eventually turn into flashbacks from her childhood with Shalua.

The flashbacks are interrupted by a premonition, where Shalua is asking her if it's ok for her to return to the planet. Shelke says "no, there is too much she...", but she doesn't have a chance to finish. As she awakens, she finds tears rolling down her cheeks and remarks that she didn't think she had any tears left. Shelke Protmateria

The Key To Controlling The Chaos

Vincent manages to rescue Shelke from the Darkness and places her in a nearby regeneration tube so that she can regain her strength. While inside the tube, she manages to communicate to Vincent, which helps him to defeat Weiss. However, her full contribution comes once Omega awakens.

Shelke initiates an uplink with Vincent and uses this project herself through Omega's energy. She has the Protomateria and pushes it into Vincent's chest, allowing him to control Chaos.

A New Beginning

After Omega is defeated, Shelke is seen sitting outside the 7th Heaven bar. She has finally started to fill in the 10 year void that was spent in DeepGround and has realised that she isn't alone.

In the final scenes of the game, Shelke is waiting for Vincent outside Lucrecia's cave and tells him that everyone is waiting.

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