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Final Fantasy XII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: Phil LaMarr
Age: N/A

Tomaj appears initially in Final Fantasy XII and is located within the Sandsea Pub in Rabanastre. It's here that he explains about Hunter's Marks, when he recruits Vaan to hunt the Rogue Tomato. He is also a scout and member of Clan Centurio. When Vaan accepts the hunt he gives him a Clan Primer and an Orrachea Armlet.

Throughout the rest of the game Tomaj can be found within the Sandsea and offers some polite conversation.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Minor Character

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Tomaj makes another appearence in the sequel to Final Fantasy XII, Revenant Wings. He joins Penelo when she goes to visit the derelict, an airship, but he is stranded on board when it leaves for Lemurés. He takes it upon himself to maintain the airship, and is also placed in charge of operations and missions. Alongside his self-assigned duties, he also runs the equipment shop.

Tomaj is responsible for Ba'Gamnan being forced to help the party. He manages to outfit Ba'Gamnan with a shock device that forces him to do Tomaj's bidding. However, it is only shortlived and once Ba'Gamnan escapes, Tomaj returns to his duties on the airship.

The Airship Dogsbody

Tomaj later expands the services on the airship, and even enlists more help among the people he finds, for example Cu Sith. When the group crash land in an unknown area later on, Tomaj takes more care when writing in his log and he shows considerable anger towards Ba'Gamnan for having kidnapped Filo.

Later on, Tomaj becomes a bit of a ladies man and initially tries to gain the affection of Fran. However, when this fails he turns his sights more towards Ashe. Tomaj will actually warm to the party in general by offering them discounts on everything in the Sky Saloon.

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