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Xu is one of the many SeeD Insturctors at Balamb Garden and she is first met properly during the SeeD examination. She is given the task of briefing Squad B, which contains Zell, Squall and Seifer and explains about the situation in Dollet. Her input was of extreme importance in the success of the entire operation.

When a civil war breaks out at Balamb Garden, Xu makes it known that she is a strong supporter of Cid, not NORG. She even questions the actions of Squall. When the conflict is resolved, Xu is appointed Commander of the Garden and helps to coordinate defences during the battle with Galbadia Garden.

In her spare time, Xu likes to relax by playing Triple Triad. However, she's rather good and has actually attained the rank of Heart.

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Final Fantasy VIII (*)

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