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Voice Actor: Dave Wittenberg
Age: N/A

Out of the three Silver Haired Men, Yazoo is probably the most reserved. This is because he represents Sephiroth's charisma. He generally doesn't act alone and often accompanies Loz whenever they have tasks to perform - it also makes him appear quite feminine.

This is shown as the Remnants initially approach Cloud. Yazoo and Loz pursue Cloud and ask him questions about "mother". When Cloud doesn't aid them in their pursuit of answers, Yazoo attacks Cloud on Kadaj's orders and manages to injure Cloud slightly. Eventually though, they decide to retreat and let Cloud escape.

We Know Where Mother Is

The Silver Haired Men seem sure that Jenova's cells are in Edge, specifically underneath the monument that sits in the middle of the city. Yazoo summons some monsters to distract the masses while thet try to move the monument.

Rude and Reno find this exceedingly amusing and start mocking them for coming to completely the wrong conclusion, this infuriates Yazoo and Loz. They lose their temper and can't contain their rage anymore, which causes a huge melee to erupt.

Don't Insult My Mother!

Yazoo directly attacks Reno and things seem to be fairly even between the two of them. They trade insults while they're fighting, but Reno makes the mistake of insulting Jenova. This gives Yazoo the extra impetus and after dealing with Reno, he tries to catch up with Kadaj.

Unfortunately, Rude and Reno pre-empted this and laid a trap. Yazoo is caught in the blast and is believe to be dead. However, after Cloud defeats Kadaj, Yazoo fuses himself with the remaining Materia and turns himself into a bomb, which signals the end of his life.

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