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Yo Mika

Yo Mika

Final Fantasy X

Minor Character

Voice Actor: Dwight Schultz
Age: N/A

Yo Mika is the Grand Maester, making him the leader of the people of Spira. It is unknown how old he actually is, but he is first seen in Luca where he attends a Blitzball tournament to celebrate is 50th year as Grand Maester.

It is here that he also takes the time to introduce Seymour Guado to the people of Spira as a new Maester - replacing his father Jyscal Guado who had recently passed away.

Living Beyond His Means

As with many organisations, they don't necessarily practice what they preach, and this is definitely the case with Yevon. Not only does they use the forbidden machina, but Mika is also unsent. He justifies it by claiming that even in death, his leadership is invaluable to Spira.

He also discloses later on that he knows Sin cannot be destroyed and also accepts that the teachers are lies. He is well aware that atonement will not rid Spira of Sin, as being the leader of Bevelle he was privy to the secrets behind Yu Yevon's plan.

However, when he learns that Yunalesca has been defeated and it is now impossible to summon the Final Aeon, he realises that creating the Calm will not be impossible. Fearing that Spira will descend into Chaos, he ends his life.

Final Fantasy X-2


Voice Actor: Dwight Schultz
Age: N/A

Yo Mika actually returns in Final Fantasy X-2, but not in a human form. Following his acceptance of death, he departs to the Via Infinito and his form descends into that of a fiend.

He can be fought in the Via Infinito in his new form of Concherer, a Jelly like fiend.

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