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Zack Fair

Zack Fair

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: Rick Gomez
Age: 16-23

As Crisis Core begins, Zack is on a mission to retake a train that has been taken over by Wutai soldiers. He is successful in doing so and Angeal tells him to head to Sector 8 when the train safely arrives at the end of the line.

Zack fights his way through some more soldiers and then has to square off against a Behemoth. This is dispatched with ease, but what happens next wasn't part of the briefing. Zack is confronted by Sephiroth, who easily beats him. However, just as Sephiroth is about to finish Zack off, Angeal steps in and the simulation ends. Angeal informs him that if he wishes to become a hero, he has to hold onto his dreams and his pride. Zack Fair Before Crisis/p>

The Mission In Wutai

After Kunsel informs Zack that there has been a massive desertion at SOLDIER, Angeal arrives and takes him to meet Director Lazard for the first time. Lazard informs him that they lost contact with Genesis during his mission in Wutai and that Zack is to go and investigate.

Angeal also takes the time to mention that he has nominated Zack to be a 1st Class SOLDIER, which prompts Lazard to ask what Zack's dreams are. Zack replies that he dreams of becoming a hero - "Unobtainable dreams are the best kind" is Lazard's reply.

Zack's role in Wutai is simple - eliminate as many Wutai soliders as possible. Zack obliges and makes his way to the Dojo, his final meeting point. However, outside the Dojo he encounters a formidable foe: Yuffie! She claims to be the strongest warrior in Wutai and "defeats" Zack after he lets her.

The SOLDIER Killers Almost Complete Their Task

As Zack heads into the Dojo, he is greeted by two of Wutai's SOLDIER Killers. They don't pose much of a threat for Zack, who defeats them with relative ease. Angeal then tells Zack to wait there for 5 minutes so they can regroup, but during this time Zack's attention wanders.

He is caught by surprise as a third SOLDIER Killer attacks him, but as happened in the simulation, Angeal arrives just in time to save Zack. Zack is shocked to see Angeal actually use his Buster Sword, but is exceedingly thankful.

Angeal Has Betrayed Us

With the mission complete and with them now rejoined with Lazard, they set about finding Sephiroth. However, they are unexpectedly attacked and Angeal commands Zack to get Lazard to safety. When Zack returns, he finds that Angeal is gone, but Ifrit is there instead.

Zack defeats Ifrit, but as he is gloating Ifrit gets up and attempts to attack him. Fortunately Sephiroth appears and instantly kills the summon. Sephiroth informs Zack that Angeal has joined with Genesis and betrayed them, something which Zack doesn't believe. Zack Banora Dumbapples

The Mission In Banora

Zack goes with Tseng to investigate Genesis' hometown of Banora as Sephiroth refused to go. Tseng makes the observation that Genesis and Angeal must have been good friends as they came from the same town.

Zack searches for Angeal's house and finds his mother, Gillian, inside. She tells Zack that most of the villagers were killed by Genesis, but he won't harm her. Angeal also came back briefly and left his sword behind.

Tseng finds their base of operations, but while they are infiltrating it they are attacked by Genesis. Tseng is knocked unconscious, but Angeal stops Genesis from attacking Zack. They leave together, but Zack pursues them. He goes to try and save Angeal's mother from the impending destruction of the town, but when he arrives he finds that she is already dead.

Promoted To SOLDIER 1st Class

Back in the ShinRa Headquarters, Lazard informs Zack that he has been promoted to a 1st Class Soldier, although Zack isn't as happy as he thought he would be. Before Lazard has time to assign their next mission, the ShinRa HQ is attacked and Zack is sent to defend the main entrance.

After securing the building, Sephiroth informs him that they've spotted Angeal near Mako Reactor No. 5. As they arrive they find a room with lots of documents scattered everywhere. Hollander walks in, but clearly didn't expect anyone else to be there and runs. Zack gives chase, but is stopped in his tracks by Angeal who sends Zack crashing through the floor.

Hi, My Name's Aerith

Zack awakens to find himself faced with a pretty girl called Aerith. He suggests that to repay her for what she's done, he has to take her out on a date. Aerith declines though and instead requests that Zack stop treading on her flowers.

However, after Zack buys Aerith her fabled ribbon, she changes her mind and accepts his date offer. Shortly afterwards, she starts talking about SOLDIER in a negative way and Zack has to inform her that he's from SOLDIER. She apologies and considers that perhaps SOLDIER aren't all bad. Zack Hojo ShinRa

ShinRa HQ Attacked Again!

Zack has to cut short his time with Aerith after he gets a call from Sephiroth informing him that the ShinRa HQ is under attack again! Zack heads back and is assigned the task of protecting Hojo. Genesis arrives, but doesn't cause Hojo any harm as the two just talk before Genesis leaves.

Zack goes off to search for him, but he is confronted by Angeal instead. He informs Zack that Genesis is going to Modeoheim with Hollander and when he runs into Tseng shortly after, it sounds like the mission plan is already arranged.

The Mission In Modeoheim

As the group close-in on their destination, the helicopter is hit and they have to crashland. Tseng asks Zack to navigate to Modeoheim as he's a country boy, but everyone really seems to struggle with the terrain apart from one of the ShinRa soldiers - Cloud.

Zack infiltrates the base quietly and finds Genesis with his sword at Hollander's throat. Hollander attempts to run and Zack asks Cloud to chase him down. Genesis then engages with Zack, but loses and plummets to his apparent death. Zack tries to catch up with Tseng and Cloud, but they aren't anywhere to be found.

Zack ventures back to the village and finds Angeal, who he confronts. Shortly after, Hollander arrives and Angeal also summons several Angeal copies. Despite Hollander's warnings, Angeal merges with his clones leaving Zack no choice but to kill him. Zack then acquires the Buster Sword after killing his mentor.

The Calm Before The Crisis

After a brief incident in Junon involving Hollander things were relatively quiet for Zack. He even had time to try and build Aerith a flower wagon. After the wagon is made, they try to sell some flowers, but people don't seem overly interested.

Zack gets a call from Sephiroth about a new mission and realising that he might be gone for a while, Zack asks Tseng to look after Aerith while he's gone as he's worried about her. Zack Sephiroth Nibelheim

The Mission In Nibelheim

Zack arrives in Nibelheim along with Sephiroth and Cloud, and they set up camp inside the local inn. The next morning they all venture up to the Mako Reactor to investigate the disturbances. However, when they are inside Genesis shows up and places seeds of doubt in Sephiroth's mind. When Genesis leaves, he knocks Zack over and escapes and when Zack goes outside he finds that Cloud has been injured.

Zack makes sure Cloud recovers fully, but when Cloud recovers, Sephiroth loses his mind. Zack goes to confront Sephiroth in the Mako Reactor and after smashing down the door labelled "Jenova" he duels with him. After a long fight, Sephiroth manages to overpower him, but Cloud becomes an unlikely hero and defeats Sephiroth were Zack couldn't.

Test Subjects On The Run

Following the incident in Nibelheim, Zack is taken along with Cloud to be part of Hojo's "Sephiroth Clones" experiment. Zack finally manages to escape from the ShinRa mansion with Cloud after he manages to muster up the strength to break out of his water tank.

Zack decides they should head back to Midgar so he can visit Aerith and he takes Cloud with him. Shortly after they leave, he is encountered by Cissnei who tells Tseng that her target has escaped. She gives Zack the keys to a motorbike with a sidecar for Cloud. Zack Gongaga Cissnei

Visiting The Folks In Gongaga

Although Zack knew that it was reckless he had to try and visit his parents anyway. His assumptions were correct as Cissnei confronts him again as he enters the town. This time she isn't as nice and gives him 10 minutes to leave before she continues with her job.

Just as Zack is leaving, he spots Angeal heading towards a nearby mountain. When he arrives at the prospective destination he is confronted by Genesis and Hollander, who appear to be more interested in Cloud than Zack.

Zack realises he has been fooled and rushes back to try and save Cloud. When he gets there, he finds that Angeal is defending him from Hollander. It is then disclosed that it's Lazard and he's now an Angeal clone. Zack then realises where Genesis is heading - Banora.

The Beginning Of The End

As Zack progresses through Banora, he finds several strange Materia which he collects. Zack eventually comes to a room deep under Banora where he inserts the Materia and unlocks a door which leads to Genesis.

Zack tries to tell Genesis that he's there to help, but Genesis doesn't listen and merges himself with the Lifestream. Genesis becomes a monster, but Zack defeats him and carries his body outside.

As he returns to where he left Lazard and Cloud he sees the Angeal Copy that protected Aerith died trying to help Lazard fight off ShinRa. Lazard too appears to be on his last legs and Zack starts to cry as he breathes his last breath.

The End - Passing On The Buster Sword

After Zack reads the letter that the Angeal clone had, he realises that four years have passed. He then makes a desperate attempt to get back to Midgar so that he can see Aerith again.

However, ShinRa have other ideas and they send their army out to destroy Zack. Realising that he has no choice, Zack decides to fight them but succumbs to their massive numbers.

ShinRa leave him for dead, but Cloud manages to muster enough strength to come to his side before he passes away. Zack tells Cloud to continue living on his behalf and hands him the Buster Sword.

Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Although much of Final Fantasy VII's story revolves around Cloud, he is actually viewing things through Zack's perspective quite a lot of the time. Cloud is extremely confused and ends up distorting events based on Zack's personality, stories Zack had told him and how he thought a SOLDIER 1st Class should act.

By the time that Final Fantasy VII is taking place, Zack has already been killed, but throughout most of the game, Cloud is convinced that he went to Nibelheim alongside Sephiroth. This isn't true though, as Cloud eventually remembers that it was actually Zack who accompanied Sephiroth to Nibelheim and that Cloud was just a normal ShinRa soldier who also happened to be there.

Escaping The ShinRa Mansion

Following the events in Nibelheim, Zack and Cloud were used by Hojo as test subjects in his Sephiroth Clones experiment. They manage to escape and Zack looks after Cloud, as Cloud has Mako Addiction.

During one of the many flashbacks it is disclosed that on their way back to Midgar, Zack was actually killed trying to protect Cloud, which is how Cloud inherited the Buster Sword.

Country Boy At Heart

When the group visit Gongaga, they learn that it was Zack's hometown. This is revealed following a conversation with his parents, who talk about their son who went off to join SOLDIER. They are still hopeful that he may return to Gongaga one day, even though they haven't heard from him in many years.

We also learn that Aeris' first boyfriend was a guy called Zack, who has very strong similarities with Cloud. Unfortunately she hasn't heard from him in quite a few years.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children


Voice Actor: Rick Gomez
Age: N/A

Even though Zack has been dead for a while, he still appears in Advent Children a few times. This is either during flashbacks or in visions that Cloud sees.

When Cloud first visits the memorial he setup for the Buster Sword (Zack's Sword), he has flashbacks of how Zack looked after him following their escape from the ShinRa mansion in Nibelheim. He also thinks of Zack during his final confrontation with Sephiroth.

Following Cloud's "death" after the kamikaze attack by Loz and Yazoo, Zack is heard alongside Aerith telling Cloud that it isn't his time yet and they send him back to Midgar. He is then seen by Cloud in Aerith's Church, where he tells Cloud that he's ok and that Cloud shouldn't worry anymore.

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII


Voice Actor: N/A
Age: 16-23

Zack's involvement in Before Crisis revolves about ShinRa's offensive against AVALANCHE. Zack is sent with his friends Essai and Sebastian to investigate the AVALANCHE base that has been set up near the Icicle Inn. However, during the mission Essai and Sebastian are captured.

They are rescued, but end up getting captured a second time. This time, Fuhito manages to turn them into Ravens, which are genetically enhanced humans that he uses as his personal guard. When Zack goes to rescue them, it was already too late and they end up getting killed and dying in his arms.