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Deal Alert: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Xmas Deals

Deal Alert: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Xmas Deals

Written by Darryl — 05 Dec 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 sold less than Final Fantasy XIII, so there are clearly some of you out there that didn't pick up the sequel. Perhaps you just thought it would suck, or perhaps it was too expensive. Either way, with Christmas around the corner, Amazon has made this title super cheap - there's no excuse!

For those of you in the United States, this section applies to you. Amazon.com have reduced Final Fantasy XIII-2 by 54 percent on the PS3 - that's right, you can get it for $18.32.

On the Xbox 360, it's even cheaper, reduced down to $17.25 - it's like they want to try and shift the copies or something.

Don't worry, for those in the UK, Amazon.co.uk have also got you covered. The PlayStation 3 version is available for £14.99. However, if you'd prefer it on Xbox 360 then you can pick it up for the ridiculous price of £9.21!

So, to summarise:

United States-

PS3 - $18.32
Xbox 360 - $17.25


PS3 - £14.99
Xbox 360 - £9.21

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