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Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay: Garnet (Final Fantasy IX)

Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay: Garnet (Final Fantasy IX)

Written by Lauren — 25 Jul 2015

Welcome all to another edition of Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay where I search around the internet for affordable options to match your casual cosplaying needs!

In case you're new to the series, "casual cosplay" is simply a way of cosplaying but through using clothes that you can purchase from stores like H&M or Forever21. There's not as much focus on being completely accurate as regular cosplay and many of the things you'll buy through doing this, you'll be able to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe saving you some money if you're hoping to cosplay on a budget. (See last week's post here - Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay: Cloud)

Garnet Til Alexandros

garnet full-01

Moving right along with our collection, this week we have Garnet Til Alexandros' main costume from Final Fantasy IX. As you can see, she has quite a unique style with her yellow spandex. It's similar to Celes' costume from Final Fantasy VI, however, instead of being in two bits, this is in fact a unitard and unfortunately for our purposes, skin tight yellow unitards are not a very fashionable item, so I've had to make a few adjustments in order to make this outfit work.

ASOS Romper with Lace up Front - $46.00
Yellow spandex unitards might not be instyle, but yellow rompers definitely are and this one is absolutely perfect for Garnet! Now, if you're feeling a bit self conscious about the front which comes down quite low, I'd definitely suggest wearing some type of v neck cami with this, but the face that it's got both the ties in the front and the gorgeous flowing sleeves, it's definitely a great choice for any Garnet casual cosplayer!
UK Alternative - ASOS Playsuit with Lace up Front - £21

Chaps Wrapped Buckle Stretch Leather Belt - $18.00
Now, Garnet might not wear a white belt around her waist, but she does wear one around her leg so I decided to still include this adorable little belt in the mix. I think it'll tie in nicely with the romper as well or any other dress you find that needs a bit of a tie in the waist. I wear belts like this frequently so I know I'd be using this for many other outfits than just a Garnet Casual Cosplay.
UK Alternative - Lady Metal Single Pin Buckle Stretchy Cinch Band - £6.85

Flats with Lacing - $29.99
As boots are really expensive, I decided to go with some lace up flats for this ensemble. I think these last up shoes work really well with the romper ensemble that we have and they'll be good to use for your everyday wear.
UK Alternative - Flats with Lacing - £19.99

Crystal Necklace - $19.99
Where would Garnet be without her signature crystal. Although, okay so she kind of drops it at the end of the game, but it's still a nice accessory to add to this cosplay and won't really look too abnormal considering pendants are quite popular.
UK Alternative - Garnet Crystal Pendant - £12.58

Faux Leather and Metal Choker - $7.90
And to finish her off, we have Garnet's lovely little black choker. When I was younger I had an obsession with wearing chokers. Well, I mean, I didn't really wear proper ones. I mostly just tied ribbons around my neck. But I thought maybe a proper choker would be best for this one as I often struggled trying to keep my ribbons tied around my neck. Also there's less of a chance of tying the ribbon too tight!
UK Alternative - Cutout Flower Choker Set - £4.50

Costume Total: $121.88
UK TOTAL: £64.92

So for a total of $121.88, you have a really adorable little Garnet ensemble. If you're wondering why I left out the gloves, it's mainly because I didn't think they'd really suit the romper, but if you feel the need to add them, go right on ahead!

Hope you enjoyed this week's feature! Be sure to come back next week as we'll have more Casual Final Fantasy Cosplay for you to enjoy! If you're liking what you're seeing, please leave a comment below and hit that share button! Until next time.

Lauren is a self-confessed Squall addict and will fight to the death whenever questioned. You can often find her scouring retailers for her next casual cosplay features! Feel free to follow her on Twitter.