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A Week In Final Fantasy XIV: The Adventures of Mr and Mrs Patch

A Week In Final Fantasy XIV: The Adventures of Mr and Mrs Patch

Written by Lauren — 18 Sep 2015

Although its beginnings were quite a struggle to say the least, Final Fantasy XIV, now Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, has indeed revitalized the reputation of Final Fantasy in the MMO genre. We (Darryl and I) played periodically during these transitions, but with Heavensward now in full flight we thought it would be the perfect time to dive back into the ever-expanding world of Eorzea.

Throughout these articles, we will be looking at Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with fresh eyes. The idea is to show the various experiences you can have, all while looking at things from different perspectives; Darryl dove hardcore into Final Fantasy XI, whereas 'm more of an MMO novice. That was also abundantly clear to me when booting the game up for the first time again, because despite this not being my first time travelling around Eorzea, I feel as though 'm relearning and re-experiencing the game as I play it on the PlayStation 4 instead of the PlayStation 3 as I had been. 'm still the same Lalafell 've always been, but 'm unfortunately a tad rusty and in dire need of some training!

As far as servers go, initially Darryl and I partied on Ragnarok (mainly thanks to our love for Final Fantasy VII's legendary airship), but this time around we've moved to Moogle. A lot of our friends are currently on Moogle and we have plans to join one of the server's biggest Free Companies, the Narshe Red Wings. They even have Yoshi-P himself (Naoki Yoshida) as a member along with many others, so naturally, this was the best server for us and we hope to incorporate them with this series moving forward.

As for character designing, I don't know what it is about me and lalafells. I just find them to be so adorable and fun, and I know 'm not the only one! They also remind me of Final Fantasy's past where the characters just existed as small chibi sprites instead of the tall muscular men and women they are today. As we're rather silly, Darryl and I thought it would be a great idea for our character names to match and so, we ended up as Mr and Mrs Patch. 'm Cabbage Patch and Darryl is Pumpkin Patch.

Cabbage Patch Creation!

For play styles, I always feel like 'm more of a carer, so 've started off with the Conjurer class, with the hope of moving onto White Mage later down the line. We'll see how it goes though, as it might not be for me in the long-term!

White Mage Garb

Following on from character creation, it was so nice returning to Gridania. I forgot how much I loved the look and feel of the place. The music and the design of Gridania reminds me so much of the Shire from Lord of the Rings and it just feels like a bustling place with tons going on. Mother Miounne greeted us at the Carline Canopy and it reminded me of how comical the height difference between lalafells and other characters̢

Lauren is a self-confessed Squall addict and will fight to the death whenever questioned. You can often find her scouring retailers for her next casual cosplay features! Feel free to follow her on Twitter.