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A Week In Final Fantasy XIV: No One Invited You Diremites!

A Week In Final Fantasy XIV: No One Invited You Diremites!

Written by Darryl — 20 Oct 2015

Phew, has it been a week already? My doesn't time fly when you're having fun... or maybe not in the case of Lauren! As you can see by the title of this week's diary and the beginning of the accompanying video, Lauren made some rather unfortunate new friends in the form of a troop of diremites! It was a common theme throughout this week, as they always seemed to be sticking their noses in things.

That's not all we got up to though, as we also got to square off against the famed Clay Golem. Despite us having some story and class-related quests so far, the Clay Golem represented the first "big" test for us in our new job roles. I say it was the first big test, as other fights had numerous enemies and supporting allies to help out, whereas with this one, it was pretty much a straight one-vs-one scenario.

As a damage-dealing class, this was pretty straight-forward for me. My strategy was to kite if necessary, but there was a primary focus on just cycling through my various moves. I wanted to ensure that Venomous Bite stayed on as a consistent DoT (damage over time) move and that whenever Straight Shot became available, I utilised that to ensure my critical strike rate went up. These moves were also used in conjunction with Bloodletter to maximise damage and defeat the Clay Golem as soon as possible.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this fight wasn't the fight itself. Afterwards, when speaking with Lauren, I found out how differently it played out for her as a Conjurer and how much quicker the fight went for me as an Archer. It makes sense, but it was nice to see that it's not just a one shoe fits all and that each class needs to devise slightly different strategies to succeed at the same tasks.

Not long after defeating the Clay Golem and progressing with the story, we are given access to Guildleves. These were in the original Final Fantasy XIV and allow you to get some quick experience and items in a small area.

There are numerous camps dotted around Eorzea that offer Guildleves and they will range in difficulty depending on how far away from a main city you are. The objective also differs. Sometimes you will be asked to simply defeat some foes, while others you might be asked to do something a bit more unique, such a using an item on a weakened enemy. Upon completion, you are even given the option to teleport straight back to the person who issued the Guildleve to pick up your reward - it's all very quick and handy.

Overall, I'd say it was a pretty productive week. We progressed through the main story to the point where we unlocked Guildleves and we gained a few more levels too. Oh and by the end Lauren was wearing a ridiculous hat, which was a massive bonus!

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