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A Week In Final Fantasy XIV: Have You Seen My Subligar?

A Week In Final Fantasy XIV: Have You Seen My Subligar?

Written by Lauren — 29 Oct 2015

Another week in Eorzea sees Cabbage Patch and Pumpkin Patch completing new quests, fates, and hunting logs. However, it also seems as though Pumpkin is showing off a bit of skin with his new subligar.

We start off completing some story quests including Ruffled Feathers (where we have to nab some Roselet seeds) and Migrant Marauders (where we have to search for signs of a winged beast). These both help us advance the story a bit further and give us some new items. Particularly happy about my new glasses which make me look like the lovechild of Harry Potter and Tonks.

After that Darryl (Pumpkin) and I (Cabbage) decide to go our separate ways and complete some of our job specific quests. Darryl has a bit of bad luck with his as he enters a tad prematurely, but thankfully mine is a bit lower leveled so I'm able to beat my boss without much trouble thus completing my "Trial By Wind" quest. My next quest, Trial By Water, will have to wait for another day.

We completed some Levequests this episode which all offered slightly different experiences. In "Shroom with a View", we had to defeat enemies in certain areas, in "Scent of a Roselet", we had to use the 'Soothe' emote on our enemies, and "Infestation Cessation we needed to tackle some Carrion Chigoes and collect their egg sacs.

Then it was back to Tam Tara Deepcroft to take down some Magicked Bones.I remembered not to run right in this time and instead let Darryl pull the enemies out.

We completed a few more story quests before reaching "Leia's Legacy" which requires us both to be at level 18. Even though we're only a level out, Darryl and I thought it best to call it a miss for now and focus on our hunting logs to get some experience. Really hunting logs are a really great way to get fast experience. The only trouble is if the enemies you need are of a higher level than you, but if they're not, it's easy money.

Finally, Darryl and I take on one more Levequest called "The Transporter" where we have to escort an adorable orphaned Sylph to safety. Sylphs are such cute little tykes. I'd even say they rival lalafells for cuteness, but there again, I can't help but nervously giggle seeing Darryl in his subligar.

That's it this week! If you'd like to check out the video version of our adventures, you can do so below. Just be sure to Subscribe that way you won't miss out!

See you guys next week!

Lauren is a self-confessed Squall addict and will fight to the death whenever questioned. You can often find her scouring retailers for her next casual cosplay features! Feel free to follow her on Twitter.