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A Week In Final Fantasy XIV: Ooo, Watcha Say Guardian Tree

A Week In Final Fantasy XIV: Ooo, Watcha Say Guardian Tree

Written by Darryl — 07 Nov 2015

It was a rather eventful week for Lauren and I on Final Fantasy XIV, as we ploughed on with the story, but also took part in quite a few different levequests that were initiated at Bentbranch.

At this point in our careers, it was useful to do a couple of different levequests to get some additional EXP. Not only that, but some of them offered some items too, including equipment that was a minor upgrade on some of our existing gear. It meant that, for the time we spent, it was a pretty positive experience. However, I'm not too sure how much time we'll spend on doing these going forward.

Story progression is our main aim, and it saw us square off against numerous foes this week. To start off, we had to track down a chocobo egg thief. This led us to a rather scared moogle and a rather nefarious character called Jenremi Blackheart. He was attempting to steal the chocobo egg, but the moogle stole it first in order to protect it. We then had to intervene in order to protect both the moogle and the egg from Blackheart!

After handing in a few more quests at the chocobo stables, Lauren and I had a rather delightful little encounter with a character called Claire Ordilane. Unprompted, she started playfully patting our characters and a little song and dance show ensued.

Shortly after, we met with Lewin. Some of the more powerful individuals within Gridania had heard some rumours on the grapevine and he was requesting our aid to help out. This ended up with us taking part in a large-scale battle and it didn't go to plan for either Lauren or myself.

Having cleared the initial wave of Ixali within the guest "To Guard a Guardian", one of the masked men appears and issues a test by summoning a gargoyle! Feeling confident, I decided it would be a great ideal to ignore the gargoyle and go straight for the masked mage... a mistake I didn't make twice.

He decided to start raining down spells and despite my kiting of both him and the gargoyle, I wasn't able to defeat them and ended up failing the duty. At the second time of asking, I decided to ignore the masked mage and concentrate solely on the gargoyle. This time Yda and Papolymo turned up to assist and it made the fight much easier! It was a harsh lesson, but it needed to be learnt.

After this, I decided to treat myself to some earrings. I understand there are Itinerant Moogles in each of the city states and they sell a selection of earrings for a rather reasonable price of 1 gil. You can get a Goobbue, Slime, dodo, Cactuar or Bomb earrings and they look pretty awesome. Having bought the lot, I settled for the Cactuar earrings for my regular dress and I'm pretty sure I will keep them on until something else better comes along... whenever that will be.

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty fun week. We got to experience more of the story and even got to hear from the leader of Gridania (Kan-E-Senna). At the same time, we also got to hear some more of the voice acting, and I have to say, there was a bit of a chuckle when Lewin said "such a great honour".

Check out the video version of this week's adventures below, and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more updates!

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