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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Update: June 2016 Edition

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Update: June 2016 Edition

Written by Hoogathy — 10 Jun 2016

Greetings, Final Fantasy Record Keeper lovers, and welcome to the first installment of Final Fantasy Union’s Record Keeper Update.

Before we kick things off, one important part of this will be to ensure that these updates are to your tastes - we want your feedback! Record Keeper is a game that constantly evolves; every week brings a new event, every month a new set of trials, and the list of Realm Dungeons grows ever longer. With so much to do, we here at Final Fantasy Union want to provide you a look at what’s ahead so you can better prepare your party - in keeping with the sort of coverage Katie provides for Final Fantasy XIV. In order to do this better, I’ve prepared a short survey so you can tell us what sort of Record Keeper content you’d like to see here.

Whether you only checked the game out once, dabble in it occasionally, or play it fiendishly every day, please take a moment to fill out the survey below.

-- The FFU Record Keeper Survey --

Fourteen Realms & Shantotto’s Arrival

With the Dungeon Update last week, Shantotto has been added to the game - meaning that FFXI has arrived and realms for all fourteen core games are now active. In commemoration, a fourteen-day login bonus campaign is underway, and special accessories from each realm are available in the Gyshal Exchange (including some given as rewards from Ultimate bosses, like Squall’s Necklace which gives +30 ATK).

Accessing the FFXI dungeons requires beating the first VI dungeon, so most players should already be able to jump right in. There’s currently only three dungeons in this realm (and of course their Elite counterparts), and Shantotto is a First Time Clear reward for the third dungeon. She can use 5* White Magic and 4* Monk, but you’ll have to wait a little while for her Memory Crystals to be added.

FFRK articleFinal Fantasy XI’s first representative can be unlocked pretty early on in the Realm Dungeons - you can probably access these three dungeons already. Her Memory Crystals won’t arrive until the Burst Bonanza festival, and to date she’s the only XI character in the Japanese version.

June’s Nightmare: 6* Summon, Neo Bahamut

The Nightmare Dungeons are a daunting challenge, and June’s could be particularly demanding. Those who wish to challenge Neo Bahamut for the components to summon it have their work cut out for them.

Neo Bahamut is a 6* Summon ability which deals three non-elemental hits to all enemies (while the 5* Bahamut is only two hits). However, in order to obtain the Neo Bahamut Record required to craft it, you must defeat the dragon itself - and if you want to Master this battle for other valuable components, you cannot use physical attacks or black magic! The pool of characters with access to 5* Summon abilities, and thus receive a boost in this battle, is relatively small (Arc, Rydia, Krile, Terra, Aerith, Rinoa, Garnet, Eiko, Yuna, Ashe, Hope, and Tyro) and summon abilities are notoriously difficult to hone, so this may take some time to overcome!

As with previous Nightmare Dungeons, there will be a limited-time Lucky Banner Draw related to the new Nightmare - a one-time chance at a half-price 11x relic draw where every 5* drop is guaranteed to be a unique soul break for 5* Summon users. The banner includes practically every relic for these characters, and a “Keeper’s Dozen” draw for 25 mythril is a pretty sweet deal, so consider drawing here.

And of course, for the period that the Nightmare Dungeons are available, all previous Nightmares will re-open so you can continue those challenges.

FFRK articleMastery on the battle with Neo Bahamut requires you to avoid physical or black magic attacks, which limits your options. The White Mage spells Holy and Diaga are viable, and you should take a look at your summons as well. These take considerable resources to hone, so you might want to hit the Daily Dungeons before the Nightmares return.

Hoard Your Mythril!

As tempting as a half-price draw is, you may want to consider holding on to that mythril, as another big festival is almost upon us: the Burst Soul Break Bonanza. Similar to the Super Soul Break Festival back in March, five sets of special Orbfest dungeons will be available, offering increased drop rates for valuable crafting components like Major orbs. These will be accompanied by five relic banners featuring many coveted soul break items, particularly some awesome new Burst Soul Break techniques.

The exact lineup of relics is unknown, but in Japan this event included Cloud and Yuna’s Bursts; new bursts for Paladin Cecil, Bartz, Tidus, Terra, and Tyro; the priceless Sentinel’s Grimoire and Stoneskin II soul breaks for Tyro and Ysolda; and other recurring prizes such as Yuffie’s Wutai Headband, Ramza’s Platinum Sword and Grand Armor, and Leon’s Golden Armour.

Luckily, all players will be receiving a 10 mythril gift from the developers soon as a reward for using the Final Fantasy Portal app, and a special Gilgamesh-themed event will occur at the start of July with another large portion of mythril up for grabs (along with some powerful accessories). In the meantime, consider holding on to whatever mythril you have for the time being, unless you feel strongly compelled to pull on a banner before then.

Keep an eye on Final Fantasy Union for news on this event as soon as it’s available!

Event Forecast

(Dates are in EST and subject to change)

June 6: FFXIII - Dangerous Beauty
Recruit Serah, get a new Wardrobe Record for Lightning, and battle Caius in the first XIII-2 event! (Also, Lightning gets a Burst Soul Break relic with stun-heavy abilities!)

June 13: FFVI - Two Sides of a Coin
Sabin & Edgar break the second level cap!

June 18: Nightmare - Neo Bahamut

June 20: FFX - Window on the Past
Recruit Braska and get a younger Wardrobe Record for Auron!

That’s all for this month. Be sure to fill out the survey, and keep an eye out for details on the Burst festival! In the meantime, tell us in the comments below: what is your favourite party in Record Keeper?

FFRK articleIn need of some powerful backup? My Squall is at your command.

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