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Final Fantasy XIII Demo A Complete Waste Of Time

Final Fantasy XIII Demo A Complete Waste Of Time

Written by Darryl — 12 Apr 2009

Anyone who's even vaguely interested in Final Fantasy XIII will know that in a couple of days Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete comes out in Japan, and with it comes a demo of Final Fantasy XIII. It's been talked up for quite a while, but some of Square Enix's recent statements really question the validity of the demo itself as to be honest, it now seems fairly redundant.

To go straight for the jugular, Square Enix claimed that the demo isn't even reflective of the game's current build as it was built using an older version of the engine that was used during 2008. So, they're effectively saying that the experience offered in the demo doesn't represent what the actual game will be like... which poses the question, what exactly is the point in showing it to people? Many people buying it will probably use the demo to judge whether they will buy the end product and if it's not a great experience, it might change their minds (Haze anyone?).

This does also lead nicely on to the second point, why release the demo so far in advance of the game's actual release date? Square Enix haven't even tied themselves down to a quarter yet, so the game isn't that near completion. They've done the same in the past too, as they released the Final Fantasy XII Demo a year before its release in combination with Dragon Quest VIII... spot the similarity?

It's fairly obvious that this demo has only been shoved in with Advent Children Complete to boost sales and gain an increased amount of revenue. The version which includes the demo is actually $10 more expensive, so consumers are effectively paying $10 for a demo which isn't even representative of the actual product any more.

Sure, it's nice for fans to be able to play this game in some form, but seriously, how can Square Enix get away with this?

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