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Who Cares If The Final Fantasy XIII Demo Is 5GB?

Who Cares If The Final Fantasy XIII Demo Is 5GB?

Written by Shawn — 16 Apr 2009

According to various news sources, the size of the Final Fantasy XIII demo stands at about 5.09GB, 256 of that being a firmware update for the PlayStation 3. This, of course, spread the idea that the Xbox 360 version will be downgraded from the PlayStation 3 version, or the PlayStation 3 version will be downgraded to run on the Xbox 360, due to the Xbox 360 using the DVD format (around 6.5GB due to copyright protecting), compared to the 50GB Blu-ray currently has.

But really, who really cares if the demo is 5GB?

According to Pocket News, the demo's time stamp was from December 3rd-6th of last year. Square Enix even claimed that the demo isn't even reflective of the game's current build, as it was built using an older version of the engine that was used during 2008. This means they hadn't even started on finalizing the game yet, so optimizing it would have been useless since it would have to be re-optimized again down the road if they made even the slightest change to the game's assets.

Some of those same assets, such as the character models, will be reused in other places in the game. For those who have access to a cheat device on the original PlayStation, you will notice in Final Fantasy VII that all of the map data is reused on each disc, i.e., one could access the Highwind on Disc 1, which isn't available until Disc 2. Excluding the videos, you could have easily had the game on one disc. With today's technology, Square Enix could easily compress the assets for the Xbox 360 version and present the game on two or three discs like most recent next-gen RPG's on the system. If the game doesn't allow you to go back to older areas after a certain period of time, they could save room by only using those assets on one disc, removing the need for a Star Ocean 4 system where you need to insert a previous disc to access an old area.

Alone in the Dark, which was a sub-par game, had a relatively large install. File size is meaningless --- it's what goes into the game that counts. And from what we can see from Final Fantasy XIII so far, it looks like it has that in spades.

Source: Pocket News

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