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Dissidia Demo Paves Way For North American Success

Dissidia Demo Paves Way For North American Success

Written by Darryl — 01 Aug 2009

The Dissidia: Final Fantasy demo arrived on the PlayStation Network just over a week ago, and it allowed gamers a chance to play the latest Final Fantasy spin-off. The game took Japan by storm when it was released in December, 2008 and it looks like it will have similar success for the PlayStation Portable when it's released in North America in a few weeks.

Reaction from the demo has been extremely positive, with the only complaints really being about not offering enough. Surely just sentiments that the full game can't come soon enough, as it's one of the most extensive demos in recent history. It allowed gamers to take control of numerous characters from the Side of Light on both Normal and Hard difficulty in a regular skirmish mode. It was a great demonstration of the combat that is displayed in the title, but some might have felt a bit peeved to find that there was little to no story present in the demo. Square Enix obviously didn't want to ruin everything before they released the final product.

Either way, Dissidia: Final Fantasy is sure to sell vast quantities when it's released on the 25th of August, 2009 in North America, then a week later in Europe on the 4th of September, 2009.

Darryl was playing Final Fantasy before he was even born - quite a feat! Often very opinionated on the Final Fantasy franchise, you will often find him musing about small details. Feel free to follow him on Twitter.

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