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Final Fantasy Versus XIII: What The Hell Is Going On?

Final Fantasy Versus XIII: What The Hell Is Going On?

Written by Darryl — 08 Aug 2009

Since its initial announcement, Final Fantasy Versus XIII has had a steady flow of information. The original concepts were greeted with intrigue, and things only increased following the release of more trailers during 2008.

The game focuses around the exploits of Noctis Lucis Caelum, who is the main protagonist. However, although many other characters have been seen, only the name of one other character is known, Stella Nox Fleuret. Her relationship with Noctis is set to be extremely complicated, and the story in general looks like it could be a departure from the typical teen angst seen in many RPGs.

However, Final Fantasy Versus XIII has recently fallen completely off the radar. The last piece of news came in May, when Nomura said that people should be patient. He also stated that the next piece of news related to Versus XIII would be very surprising. It's unlike Square Enix to completely drop all promotion and publicity around their products though, especially if they are so big. Versus XIII wasn't even present at this year's E3, and it wasn't mentioned at all in the recent media briefing following their first fiscal results.

Is this all financially motivated, a knock-on effect from the delayed Dragon Quest IX, or are there other reasons behind the complete media blackout. It's unclear at the moment, but something similar did in fact happen with Final Fantasy XII when the director had to be changed. That game ended up having a very long development time, hopefully that isn't the case for Versus XIII, as it's one of the most anticipated games for the PlayStation 3...if gamers still remember it's actually coming out.

Source: NeoGAF via Gamespot

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