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Final Fantasy Versus XIII On Xbox 360 Would Be A Mistake

Final Fantasy Versus XIII On Xbox 360 Would Be A Mistake

Written by Johnny — 10 Jun 2010

Yoichi Wada announced that Square Enix would be "looking into" the possibility of making Final Fantasy Versus XIII cross-platform, like Final Fantasy XIII, and that is worrying. Yes, Final Fantasy XIII has been treated to the most successful first week of any game in the franchise due to its availability on two consoles (with the PS3 just taking the majority by a few percent), but if you look at how well the game transferred over to work with the Xbox 360, surely the majority of players would have rather played the game on the console it was intended for, so will Square Enix repeat that mistake?

Now the idea of a cross-platform game is not bad inherently - the graphics engine, Crystal Tools, is perfectly capable of running on both platforms, and many cross-platform games work perfectly on both systems, but there are faults. Sometimes the transfers are not satisfactory, leading to one platform suffering, sometimes peripheral-dependent mini-games or gameplay features have to be tweaked or changed (anything that uses the six-axis for example) and sometimes one version of the game suffers from glitches while the other doesn't. Final Fantasy XIII was subject to two of these.

Obviously the shift from Playstation 3 exclusive to multi-platform was done for financial reasons, and it paid off! Final Fantasy XIII has garnered the most money in its first week, for the Western world, than any past Final Fantasy game. That is impressive, and obviously a well-made decision. But do you really think, with people now knowing the bugs that possibly face a Final Fantasy Versus XIII transfer that people will repeat that wonder? No, people want the game they were promised. A promise for Final Fantasy XII's exclusivity was broken, but Square Enix was rewarded, but now is a chance to make amends. Give the fans the game they were promised, and if all goes well, port it in perfection at a later date.

But keep in mind the problems with Final Fantasy XIII could be two-fold on this upcoming title. Consider the genre for a second, Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been advertised as a sophisticated version of the RPG-action elements present in the Kingdom Hearts series. Consider that this could lead to a great deal more in-game action onscreen than Final Fantasy XIII had, and consider that any visual faults that the Xbox 360 had in its Final Fantasy XIII version might be even more glaring in the busier game.

Though, it's still only a rumour, and there's no need to jump to conclusions, Square Enix should really think about other repercussions from this potential outcome - and if they are going to put Versus XIII onto the Xbox 360, they should at least learn from the mistakes they made with Final Fantasy XIII.

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