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Square Enix's Priorities Are Completely Baffling

Square Enix's Priorities Are Completely Baffling

Written by Darryl — 28 Jun 2010

So, I'm not sure if you guys saw the news last week, but Square Enix came out and said that Final Fantasy Agito XIII was a low priority for them right now. Personally, I'm really disappointed by this news. Agito XIII is a title I'm really looking forward to, mainly because it promises to be a really different proposition to a normal Final Fantasy title, but also because of what they achieved with Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

Now, I'm certainly not Yoichi Wada and I'm not entirely sure if I'd want to be. But I really can't fathom what's going through his head right now and I don't think many people can fathom what's been going through his head for the last few years. Surely it'd be better to concentrate on Final Fantasy Agito XIII, a game that they announced years ago and everyone's anticipating, than an addition to the Parasite Eve franchise, a franchise that's probably as niche as they come with regards to Square Enix's library.

Why do they need to continually tease their fans with little tid-bits of information when they clearly have no intention of delivering the game any time soon. The same can also be said for Final Fantasy Versus XIII - a game that was announced alongside Agito XIII and Final Fantasy XIII back at E3 in 2006, some four years ago. Right now it's not even looking like either game will see the light of day in 2010, and for a PSP game, that's pretty ridiculous.

I understand that Square Enix would like to produce different games and they definitely shouldn't keep relying on their big name brands. However, if they announce a game for a big name brand, they certainly shouldn't focus on a much smaller title, which was announced afterwards. It's just completely illogical from a fan's perspective and a business perspective.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with Square Enix's decision to put The 3rd Birthday before Agito XIII?

Darryl was playing Final Fantasy before he was even born - quite a feat! Often very opinionated on the Final Fantasy franchise, you will often find him musing about small details. Feel free to follow him on Twitter.

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