Final Fantasy X

The 'limit break' system in Final Fantasy X is called the Overdrive system. It reverts back to a bar-based system, but it doesn't necessarily increase solely because the character has taken damage. There were infact seventeen different ways through which a character's Overdrive bar could increase. Some examples of these are, increasing when an ally is hurt and increasing when the character flees from battle.

These changes allowed for the system to be kept fresh and innovative, while also retaining some of the elements that previously worked well. Many of these additional ways of gaining Overdrive had to be unlocked over time, to make it a more developed system than previously seen.

Each Character Has A Unique Overdrive

Once the bar is full, characters can perform special attacks that are unique to each character. How unique each character's Overdrive moves are really shines through here as they're literally all completely different.

Wakka uses a slot machine type system, while Auron is required to input button configurations in a set amount of time. Rikku allows players to mix items together, while Lulu's Overdrive requires players to rotate the right analogue stick around as many times as possible.

Aeons Get In On The Act

While Final Fantasy IX allowed non-playable characters to have the trance status affect them, Final Fantasy X allows Aeons to have their own Overdrive bar. This was made possible by the new system through which Aeons were used, as they effectively became playable characters in their own right. Valefor could even perform two seperate Overdrives, Energy Ray and Energy Blast.

This made Aeons very effective tools, as Overdrives could be stored up for later usage. Their importance became even more obvious once they were able to break the damage limit as some Aeons had Overdrive moves which could do well over 1,000,000 points of damage.

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