The Restrictors

The Restrictors

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

The Restrictors are members of the 14th generation rulers of DeepGround (Lost Force), who came into power following the destruction of the 13th generation (Ragnarok) in a single night. Following this victory, they implanted computer chips into the DeepGround citizens which prevented them from attacking then. The leader of the Restrictors is The Restrictor.

The player character in the Dirge of Cerberus online mode for some reason doesn't have a chip implanted in their brain, so they are allowed to attack Restrictors should they wish to.

During the online mode, the Restrictors have various encounters with different Tsviet members, but noticably, Nero the Sable is chained up as he is considered too much of a threat.

Fights With The Tsviets

Azul the Cerulean is the first to try and fight against the Restrictors, but as he tries to fight them he realises that his mind doesn't allow him.

However, to prove a point, they allow Rosso the Crimson to be given the chance. She murders countless fellow DeepGround soldiers to make a point to the Restrictors, but when she fights against The Restrictor, he easily defeats her.

Weiss the Immaculate is also seen chained up to the throne at the bottom of Mako Reactor No. 0. He is speaking to The Restrictor and converses about his want to try out some new weapons. Confident that he can beat The Restrictor, he even claims he wishes to fight handicapped.

The Restrictor grants his request, allowing Weiss to fight against both Azul and Rosso at the same time. This poses no challenge for Weiss and even after they morph into their rage forms, Weiss still has no problem defeating them. However, Weiss is still unable to attack the Restrictor due to the implanted chip.

The End Of The Restrictors

Weiss orders the player character to shoot the Restrictor, which they do. Unfortunately, the Restrictor still has enough strength left and kills the player character by stabbing her.

After seeing this, Weiss manages to break free of the mind control and kills the Restrictor once and for all, thus making the Tsviets the new rulers of DeepGround at the expense of the Restrictors.

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