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Jonathon McClendon (Final Fantasy Type 0-HD) Interview

The voice of Ace

Published on — 06 Mar 2015

Our second Final Fantasy Type-0 interview, we got to speak to the lead of the pack, Jonathan McClendon who plays Ace. As someone who thoroughly enjoys video games and is even studying game development at college, Jonathan talks us through what essentially became one of his dream jobs.

Past Credits: Christian Cantwell (The Playroom); Zack (See Dad Run); Hunter (Skateland)

The singing was hard to do when playing Ace, but also the vulnerability underneath. However, I don't want to go too much into that due to spoilers!

Jonathon McClendon, 06 Mar 2015

Playing the lead of Class Zero in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Jonathon McClendon was just as suprised as anyone to get to play the lead character in a Final Fantasy game as one of his first voice acting roles ever. Being a fan of the series himself, it was an honor to be cast let alone playing a lead in the game. In the interview, Jonathon discusses how he felt about getting the role and his other voice acting experiences.

Jonathon also mentions his dreams of one day becoming a video game designer which is what he has actually been going to school for. Who knows? One day we might play a Final Fantasy game that the one and only Ace has worked on!

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