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Jeff Fischer (Final Fantasy Type 0-HD) Interview

The voice of Eight

Published on — 05 May 2015

Having already voiced Yuj in the Final Fantasy XIII series, it was great to also speak with Jeff Fischer about his role as Eight in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Oh, and he's also THE Jeff Fischer from American Dad, if you were wondering.

Past Credits: Yuj (Final Fantasy XIII); Mc Cobra (Jackie Chan Adventures); Petro (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

The beauty of being a voice actor and being able to, you know, get a lot of different characters is that you end up doing a lot of different shows and playing different roles all the time.

Jeff Fischer, 05 May 2015

Jeff talks us through what it's like to voice main characters in numerous games and his reaction when he learnt that he'd be coming back for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. He also takes us through how his approach to playing Eight changed as he went through the recording process and learnt more about the character.

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