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Jack Fletcher (Final Fantasy XIII) Interview

The voice of The Director

Published on — 04 May 2010

The man that directed the English voice actors in Final Fantasy XIII joins us for our fourth and final interview related to the game. It was a pleasure to speak with him, especially given how experienced he is with voice direction within the franchise.

Past Credits: Garik Ronso (Final Fantasy X-2); Voice Director (Final Fantasy X); Voice Director (Final Fantasy XII)

We did actually have two celebrities lined up to do the two main characters [in Final Fantasy X], but the decision was made that we shouldn't set the precedent of casting celebrities because the story is king. Let's stay focussed with the voices being equated with the characters only.

Jack Fletcher, 04 May 2010

Jack talks through his rather curious journey into voice direction and takes the time to recollect his first experience with the Final Fantasy franchise when he was brought on to work on Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within by Sakaguchi-san. He also takes us through the process of casting and recording on Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy X.

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