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Final Fantasy Versus and Agito XIII Gets Combined Trailer At TGS

Final Fantasy Versus and Agito XIII Gets Combined Trailer At TGS

Written by Colin — 30 Aug 2010

I believe Tetsuya Nomura has fallen victim to the addiction that is Twitter. Either that or he's still using it because he has no choice in the matter. It's all too amusing really.

In any case, Nomura has revealed some details about the Versus and Agito showings at this year's TGS. Both Versus and Agito will be receiving the trailer treatment, however, Square Enix is planning on combining to the two into one one-minute trailer showing off in-game footage. The catch is, and it's no real big surprise, it won't be shown to the public.

The trailers will be on display on monitors in the demo areas, which is closed off from the public. According to Andriasang, the footage will all be running on actual hardware. What will the public see? Those three screenshots that were seen in that one issue of Famitsu.

Also, the trailers will exclude all HUD elements and command menus as Nomura doesn't want to reveal too much about the game. In fact, neither Versus or Agito have a release date and Kitase recently mentioned that they can't commit to a 2011 release for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Life is great.

Thanks to RedRose for the story tip.

Source: Andriasang