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Square To Release TGS Trailers To The Public

Square To Release TGS Trailers To The Public

Written by Sean — 23 Sep 2010

Tetsuya Nomura has posted on the 3rd Birthday's twitter that all of Square Enix's open and closed theater trailers from TGS will be released to the public. This is a change from Square's usual approach in previous years in which they never released them.

Square Enix is kicking it off with the Dissidia 012 trailer which was released today and will follow up with others in the coming days or possible weeks. It is not clear how long we will have to wait and in which order the trailers will be released.

Nomura said that because the websites for the games have to be made before the trailers can be uploaded, meaning it "isn't a simple thing".

Be sure to check out the Dissidia Duodecim trailer on the official site and keep checking Final Fantasy Union for updates on the other trailers in the coming days.

Thanks to KHU staffer, RedRose, for the news.

Source: Andriasang