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Dissidia 012 Details Surface From Dengeki Magazine Interview

Dissidia 012 Details Surface From Dengeki Magazine Interview

Written by Colin — 25 Jan 2011

A good chunk of info on Dissidia 012 has surfaced. The new tidbits come from an interview in the latest issue of Dengeki Magazine, as translated by

The interview covers a number of details regarding Dissidia 012's party system, why the dev team decided to pick Aerith as a bonus Assist-only character as well as future downloadable content.

Regarding the party system, you'll be able to form a party of five while assigning specific jobs to each character. Each job will enhance your party status in some manner: for example, assigning a Thief will grant you a 50 percent EX and Assist Gauge at the start of battle while a Black Mage multiplies magic damage.

The interview with Takahashi reveals that the dev team specifically decided go with an assist-only bonus character and so combatant characters were not considered. Aerith was chosen because of her popularity in last summer's Square Enix Members survey. Unlike other Assist characters, Aerith will be unique in that she behaves more like her character in the original Final Fantasy VII where she is able to make you invincible as well as hold enemies in place. There is one more unlockable character available in the Prologus sample.

Moving on to Yuna, Takahashi explained that the team had issues deciding on whether they should use Yuna's summoner or gunner form. Character designer Tetsuya Nomura apparently suggested they use her summoner form as that was how she appeared in the original Final Fantasy X. Touching on the story side of things, Yuna has not lost her memories of the events in FFX because characters who have joined the Cosmos/Chaos battle multiple times retain their memories. Tidus is new and so has lost his memories. In addition, characters who appear in their third forum costumes are those that have switched sides: for instance, Firion - who was on Cosmos' side in the first Dissidia - appears to be on Chaos' side in Prologus.

Square Enix will also be releasing official Quests as downloadable content. In addition, you'll be able to create, share and rate other players' custom quests. The quests creator lets you create a quest with up to five battles including a start and end event. Depending on the outcome, whether you succeed or fail the quest, there is the potential for alternate event paths.

Story via RedRose.

Source: Dissidia 012 Facebook Group