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Dissidia 012 Party Battles, MogWeb and Quest Creations Detailed In Famitsu

Dissidia 012 Party Battles, MogWeb and Quest Creations Detailed In Famitsu

Written by Colin — 29 Jan 2011

Square Enix revealed before that Dissidia 012 would incorporate some form of party battles and quest creation, but never really went into detail. Famitsu has the goods on the new expanded modes, which are called Party Battle, MogWeb and Original Quests.

Party Battle
Party Battle is relatively self-explanatory. It's a free battle mode where you can form your own party of five and duke it out with the opponent team. Each character can be issued a specific job that affects their abilities. It also enhances your team's status effect.

According to Famitsu, director Mitsunori Takahashi explained that the goal of Party Battle was to let fans form their very own dream team. You can apparently name your team and attach it to your Friend Card.

Original Quests
The new Original Quest mode lets you create and share your own custom-made quests with other players. The quest creation sounds relatively flexible, you can create up to five battles with in-game events that occur before, between or after battles. The rules can be adjusted, allowing conditions like faster build up of your EX gauge or a higher critical hit rate.

Backgrounds, music and dialogue can be set and adjusted as well. There is a Play Test button that lets you preview your creation before finalizing. Sounds a bit like LittleBigPlanet.

MogWeb is related to the Original Quest mode, letting you upload and share your creations or download somebody else's. There is a 12 digit friend code at the bottom of the menu and this can be exchanged with a specific friend if you'd like to share and exchange quests with them. Publish it online and everyone can search and download your creations.

It also features a Tag mode and My Page. Tag mode lets you exchange data via the internet while My Page is pretty self-explanatory. There's also an Edit Lock option that presumably locks your quests from being edited by others that have downloaded it.

Famitsu also talks a bit about the Third Forms of Warrior of Light, Garland, Firion, The Emperor and Kain Highwind. Warrior of Light appears to be in a Knight Job outfit from the first Final Fantasy. Garland and Firion are outfitted in their Amano illustration costumes whereas Kain is in his outfit from Final Fantasy IV: The After.

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